Adventures in Fishing

Just saw something wonderful and wanted to share it. The egret is so graceful, so majestic, so stately….




And then they go fishing!




Whether it’s a main course…



Or a light snack.




They do it with gusto!


Hope you all have a great week.

24 thoughts on “Adventures in Fishing

      1. Amy, I shoot almost exclusively with my 300 zoom lens. That’s why I use my phone for those macro shots. Not that I can’t get some good ones with the zoom but it requires that extra distance. I started with the zoom in Costa Rica to capture the wildlife there, monkeys, Macaws, sloths, etc. I really never use my ulitity lens.

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      2. Wow! I rarely use my 300 zoom lens I suppose because I rarely have “time” to “wait” for birds. I’m always on the go or so it seems. *sigh* Just the life of a busy cat mom who only has small windows of time to enjoy LIFE. And I do to the fullest!!! I still cannot believe you are Dan’s Cheryl. I’m laughing out loud. 😂


      3. I used to be a cocktail waitress way back when in the days of live entertainment and I’ll tell you, being a bartender … there’s a lot more to it then what first meets the eye. I call it a therapist who knows how to mix a drink. 👏🏼💖


      4. Oh yes, I have no delusions about it. But if you are good and can persevere, there are some good tips to be had. 😊Congrats on surviving that career Amy.


  1. I’ve only ever seen one bird catch its breakfast. That was a Blue Heron in the Connecticut River. It amazes me how fast and accurate they are. The egret is so pretty.


    1. I think the egret, for many reasons, remains my favorite of the tropical seabirds. The Blue Heron is also amazing. Yes, when they fish it is awesome. I have seen one egret catch a fish so large it had to flip it several times finding a good way to swallow it. Lol

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