The Rain, The Park and Feathered Things/Photography


I could think of no better way to celebrate a day off than to visit some friends in one of my favorite parks.  I struggle with most holidays now, the former feelings I had replaced by a grim sense of reality and a new understanding of the world I actually live in as opposed to the picture painted by school, politics and commerce.   These guys only know that people often show up to share their bounty with them, something which is seldom necessary (and frowned upon by the parks and rec folks), but which makes the giver and receiver feel a little happier….





It has been raining lots lately, keeping the tropicals happy and the air heavy with humidity,  Such is life in the South.



There are so many birds in the area, both sea and land based. The Great Egret is always beautiful and willing to pose….



Sometimes life’s hard knocks are evident in the world of birds. Many times I have seen an Egret or Ibis, such as this one, with a missing or broken foot or leg. But they persevere and carry on.  I named this one Stumpy.




Stumpy was out in the thick of things, scrapping around for food.

The Ibis seemd to follow us, stopping to bathe and preen, drying their wings in the evening sunlight. Their wings reminded me of angels…









“Excuse me, could you give me hand? I can’t.  Seem. To. Reach. This. One.  Spoooot.”




WHO’S a happy squirrel? 😀

So happy, in fact, that it began carrying the treasures off and burying them in the soft dirt next to the road, hurrying back each time for another peanut before finally savoring one.



But the finest moment, the most beautiful thing, was the brand new downy soft baby ducks. So sweet with their Mama. They were in the water when we walked up, but she proudly escorted them up the hill so we could have a formal introduction. I’m in love! 😍



And no visit to the park is quite complete without seeing my little turtle buddies. I didn’t realize the dragonfly had photobombed until I edited the shots. You can even see her reflection in the water! This was better than fireworks for me.

And a lot less crowded.

18 thoughts on “The Rain, The Park and Feathered Things/Photography

    1. Hi Julia. I so appreciate the lovely (yes lovely 😊) award. I haven’t done awards in awhile but you sent this at the perfect time and your kind words are very special. I will do my best to pass it on as soon as I can but it may be the weekend. A daytime job and creative pursuits often make angry bedfellows. Have a beautiful week! 😊


    1. Ain’t she the cutest though? Such a diligent little collector. One of those we figured is an expectant mother. You can see it in the pic. She wasted no time hiding anything. Lol

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      1. You guys are such wonderful hosts. Oh, I made a few changes to the post. Did you notice? I added a few shots. Mama was so sweet to bring the ducklings up to us. I wanted to pick one up SO bad!

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      2. We had a brief outbreak in the spring, but then it got cold again. They’re out there, but not in huge numbers. Of course, I’m about to start working outside, so we’ll see.


    1. Who knows. Could have been another bird, an alligator, a drone, a dog….
      I know! I loved The Cowsills! Gimme a head with hair, long beautiful haiiir…..shinin, gleamin, screamin, flaxen, waxen! 😜

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