#OnelinerWednesday I Know He Watches Me..

My Mom has been talking to me a lot these last few weeks. It will soon be 37 years since she went home. I keep hearing the same words, hear the same song in my head. We must forget our fear, worry and put aside anger. For there is no fear in perfect love.


This is a direct message and I make it a habit not to ignore those. What follows are a few photos of my little friends, although there may not be a sparrow. The song was one of her very favorites as was Ms. Waters.


This post is a part ofΒ Linda Hill’sΒ One Liner Wednesday prompt. Do visit her at the link and see what wonderful things you may find there. Join the prompt and use the cool new badge too! 😘



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13 thoughts on “#OnelinerWednesday I Know He Watches Me..

    1. Yes I have Maggie. I believe on a Mother’s Day post. Maybe I will reblog it. She was very special. I thought my identity was lost when she died. But I needed to find myself and realize my worth without her showing me always. Thank you.

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    1. Resplendent Quetzal. Found only in the highest mountain elevations of Central and South America. It is the national bird of Brazil I believe. It is on their currency. I was so fortunate to see them on three separate occasions during our three day stay at Savegre Mountain Lodge in Costa Rica.

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