The Artful Dodger/Poetry

Pulling this one from the archives to get a bid of feedback. I hope you will let me know what you think! Happy Father’s Day guys!!!

Tropical Affair




The Artful Dodger

Pain, Pain, go away,

she sees you lurking there, just

around the corner of her fortress.


She is too swift for your

cruel intentions, as she slips

 into the shadows  of anonymity.


Clever girl learns to smile.

So brilliant, the brave farce of

tranquil abundant peace she conveys.


‘Tis merely slight of hand,

the magic of the unseen, for

the apathetic audience fooled.


Icy fingers grasp her hair as

she trembles ‘neath the cold

chill of sorrow closing in.


Lights her candle in the dark

to ward off the evil winds

of despair that blow around her.


Whispers her vespers into the night,

sleep coming all too slowly,

and with it, sweet dreams of freedom.


Awakes before the light of dawn

casts long shadows across

her open heart,-bleeding, tender, free.


Quickly wraps herself in silken

scarves, woolen…

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