Sign of Purpose/#SoCS

When I saw the theme for today’s SoCS prompt by Linda Hill an idea sprung up instantly! I love signs! I have been receiving wondrous signs for years and what a perfect moment to share some of them.

But then my yesterday happened and things took a different turn. It started out simply enough with a plan for getting a prescription picked up, a haircut for the hubby and then a trip to the lighthouse for a quick climb and maybe a brew afterwards.

Nuh uhhh…..I will save my insurance/pharmacy/doctor’s office ineptness rant for another post. Suffice it to say that when it was nearly 2pm amd we still hadn’t made it to the lighthouse I was seeing a sign of a different color-and it wasn’t rainbow.

Then, as we crossed town making our way from one pharmacy to the next, trying to get medication that didn’t cost as much as a night at a decent hotel, we saw something delightful and at the same time frightful. Just ahead of us on the two way traffic road something low and large was moving across the road. We quickly saw it was a very large soft shell turtle. There wasn’t a lot of time to think and with traffic coming from the other direction, our fear was that the turtle would be squashed because when it reached the middle of the road and just stopped! There was a huge vehicle coming right at it, so we stopped and hubby stuck his arm out the window, waving the other car to a stop while we pulled over. What would I do? Well, for starters, there would be photos. 😉 (And please excuse the quality because these are phone shots of camera screen shots because, well, last week I totally lost my photo editing program and have been avoiding being depressed about that-another story)



I picked up a stick lying by he road and gave her a nudge, but I know enough about turtles to know those long nosed varieties have a nasty nipping habit. She wouldn’t budge. The other traffic was stopped and I moved to the side of the road, contemplating calling animal services and wildlife preservation authority.


As luck would have it there was a parks and services truck behind the first car in oncoming traffic. He stopped and guided the first vehicle around our friend then prodded her on to the other side of the road to the lake there, but not without making her quite annoyed. I wish you could have seen that. I have never seen a turtle hop before, but this one did. The parks guy said this variety could indeed be quite nasty and we were lucky she didn’t turn around to have a bite. I thought to myself, “Well, I’d bite anyone who tried to shove a rake up my ass!” But, she did get across the road and all was well. He said she likely crossed to lay her eggs somewhere.  I do know that at the rate the oncoming vehicle was traveling coupled with the fact that the driver was oblivious to what was happening, she would likely have been run over if we hadn’t been there in that moment.

This, for me, was a sign that we were meant to be there. It also reminded me that one must be tenacious to reach a goal. At times that means hurrying across a busy road, but at others it means standing your ground to get the attention of someone who can help.

Our difficulties that afternoon continued, complete with pouring rain, being ignored in a restaurant to the point we left then going to their sister location where we were very well taken care of. At the end of it all we shared tequila shots (on the house) to a day well spent. We were together, after all.




Oh…and the ridiculousness with my prescription didn’t end there. I tried picking it up today only to end up with three pills and an IOU for Monday delivery. While I waited I took photos of as many signs as I could…all in one place. How do you know we are becoming a helpless society?


Here’s your sign…..


All in and outside one room, about the size of a two car garage…..and a couple shots didn’t come out. Sigh.

Did you see the signs?

14 thoughts on “Sign of Purpose/#SoCS

  1. I think the turtle parked in the middle of the road and the rake prodding it along is a metaphor ( resist the Guardians of the Galaxy line ) of where we all are these days. It goes along with the too many signs in our lives and the drawn out trips to the pharmacies and other daily tasks that somehow become way bigger than they should be. I am glad you successfully made it past the quagmire to the tequila shots.


    1. Thanks John. By the time (a week later) I actually gor the additional meds my blood pressure was back to normal. You are right. Those were lost hours. I try to avoid those. Thanks!

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  2. I don’t know enough about turtles (other than this is the time of year when many manage to find themselves pancaked on the highways) to suggest the species here, but something tells me that the long-nosed jobs are maybe at risk. I’m glad that you were there to help her cross.

    As for your prescription story: I think, too, that we humans are also a species at risk.


    1. Thanks Maggie. I agree. This year is actually the first time I have ever seen this variety. I eat lunch in a park with a huge lake and these turtles will surface last of all to get tidbits but seem to rule the others. At first I thought them to be some prehistoric throwback like Nessie. They are quite beautiful. Now I must look them up! As for our species, I am hoping someone shows up to help us but fear it will take more than a lady with a camera and a rake. 😔

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  3. What a crazy day! Good that you were there for the turtle and good that you were able to enlist the help that was needed.

    Pharmacies, like every other bit of retail, seem to want us to be self-serve. Add to that, the fact that the insurance companies remain more concerned with our spending, than our health. I miss the day when there was a pharmacist that truly cared, behind the counter.

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    1. Me too Dan. The first pharmacist made the assumption I wouldn’t want the med because it was more expensive therefore simply didn’t fill it or call me to ask.the second place had already told me the amount the previous day which was a third the cost of the first place which is why I said fill it. Then, because it wasn’t on my “formulary” therefore not cheap they suddenly decided I didn’t want it so didn’t fill it. He said they called which no one did. When I said to fill it he came out to say they only had three pills in stock and would have to owe me the rest on Monday. All this because my BP was a bit elevated!? I knew why anyway. I had been on steroids for a week for a sinus issue and just finished them the day before my regular doctors appt. and all is back to normal now, whatever normal is. Lol Healthcare in this country has gone into ridiculous mode. I actually fear the day someone shows up at my house to force me to take meds! 😒


      1. Unfortunately, that day might come. I was reading an article about how insurers want you to have bio apps do they can tell if you’re taking your meds. Even if they’re meds they don’t pay for 😦


      1. My thought process, once I realize it’s a sign, is to pay attention to what my gut is telling me and to block out my mind. I find that these signs come to me when I have some sort of inner turmoil going on. It’s usually my brain, or my super ego, or whatever, trying to talk me out of what I know I should be doing in my soul. I think the sign makes me stop all of the inner arguing and pay attention to what I know I need to do in the first place.

        Or not, ha ha…


      2. I agree. For me it was likely a dual message. First of all I should have stopped running around worrying about my blood prsessure when I knew what the issue was. To remember what my intuition knew. The other was to be tenacious without snapping which helped me later in the day. Thanks so much Jami!

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