There is no need to turn

from death.




And do not fear

its face.




There is beauty

in the fading lines

as gracefully


folds in upon itself,



Thus nodding off

to blissful peace.

To sleep and then awake

once more




More lovely than it was before…,

Impossible! But true….

life goes on with

                      each day new..,,,



And so it goes.

Endless beauty.



CherylKP copyright 2017

9 thoughts on “Seeing/Poetry/Photography

    1. Hi Dan. I do think because of our fear of death we often turn away from it, afraid to look. It can be lonely for the dying..
      I am about to hop over and check out your post. What a day we had. Non stop workups. Will sleep well tonight. 😏

      Liked by 1 person

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