Let’s Get Physical/Stairway to Healthy

Don’t wait to get in shape. Stay in shape. That is what I have always believed; and while I admit I am not a workout fanatic, I’ve always tried to be active enough to stay in shape. There seems so little that I have control over in life which only increases my resolve to at least control how well I feel, and as much as is possible, how I look. I admit I love walking, biking, and sometimes swimming; but, I loathe gyms and regimens that are the same every time. Routine makes it seem so much like work and I already work. I walk all day long, but I admit it is not enough to burn those extra calories needed to keep life’s mid century bulge from successfully overtaking what used to be my body. When did I lose control and the tables turn against me?  I eat far less than I ever did as little as five or ten years ago. I shudder to think what would happen if I would dive into all that cheese covered pizza or half a dozen tortillas with queso that our family gleefully ate. Yes! I ate it freely.


Yeah, yeah…I hear the hubby reminding me my body is (should I punch him now?) older now, I admit that I am no longer a 21 year old girl,  and no longer am I chasing small children around all day. But, I am hardly lethargic or too old to stop caring about my health.


I admit my love for walking beaches, hiking trails, and around the neighborhood. Unfortunately for my heart rate, these walks are more fun if I take photos and, well, that sort of defeats the purpose-what, with stopping every five minutes for shots of birds, flowers and bees. And statues, and lizards and squirrels and, and, and…see what I mean?

admit  to being distracted. 

 I IMG_2291t

St Augustine Lighthouse


A recent desire to see one of the lighthouses I had never been to in another city ended up inspiring a seed in my brain,  a new idea.  I was already excited to visit a new lighthouse with a new view and old history.  We climbed the steps to the “Welcome, let us encourage you to spend more money” podium; and as I listened to the host’s well rehearsed dissertation extolling the rich history and opportunities to learn more about what is being done there to preserve said history, the grounds and trails, my mind struggled with impatience until a single statement lit up like a neon and seeded itself in that gray matter.


And you can get a membership which gives you free entry for a year to the Lighthouse and grounds, as well as discounts in the gift shop and a newsletter of upcoming events.

I must admit,  it sounded promising.. So I listened patiently as the hubs shifted on his feet. (He hates sales pitches and would quickly admit to it).


We made our way inside for our tickets, then enjoyed the grounds, the lighthouse; and of course I climbed to the top. I admit I really do love climbing as a means of excelerating my heartrate. I have a mini stepper gathering dust in a corner of honor;  but, again, I just get so bored. In sharp contrast, climbing to the summit where a beacon of light once guided sailors and ships safely into harbor, kept by humble, hardworking folk whose own lives were often in peril, just fills me with enthusiasm and the desire to do more, be better, to rise above limitation to light that light, make that goal and feel the wind in my face. Well….something like that.


I admit to delusions of grandeur.


We don’t live near enough to that lighthouse for me to have a membership to it, but there is one near us that I admit remains my favorite one. The climb is steeper and I prefer the view. (And there is a great harbor bar and grill right across the road, perfect for that after workout reward brew) 😉 You know I just read that a shot of whiskey a day is good for you. Who knew!? I must admit I am always ahead of the crowd. Lol.


So, for a $20 membership I can go in and up any time I want over the next year. That’s a heck of a lot less than Planet Fitness! And the photo ops are much better.


I wanted to share some images of this great landmark and encourage anyone visiting the Daytona Beach area to head down to the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse Park and take the tour. You know you want to! 😀

I must admit I postd this yesterday but have backed up the bus and linked it to Linda Hill’s #SoCS prompt  

Check out the daily prompt and rules there and be sure to have a look at the other great blog posts you see. Now, onward and upward!

On the grounds are the old keeper’s quarters and several other historic buildings with museum artifacts and historical documents about its construction and evolution.
Yes, looks high doesn’t it?
Round and round and round she goes….
The views from the landings are nice, alternating between land and beachside. A few of them can be stepped onto for a closer look.
I love the play of shadow and light as the setting sun filters in through the windows.
Made it! It can be windy and it takes a minute to get your bearings. But Idmit it is worth the chills.
But what a view. The crisp air. A fine reward for my climb.
A few more steps lead to the Fresnel prism light, the modern day version of the ships’ guiding light. Although you can’t actually get into the prism room, a space between the rail and glass allows for a decent shot.
And back down again. I have friends who won’t even think of doing this.
This is all they see….
Once back on ground I decide to explore a couple of places I had missed on half a dozen other visits.
There is always lovely flora on and around the grounds. Hello little Brown Eye!
Antique bell
This building houses Fresnel Prisms of varying sizes, all absolutely mesmerizing
I love the actual prismatic effect of the sunlight through the lenses
Thanks Ponce Lighthouse for such a grand way to get healthy. You have to admit, it is a beautiful way to go!


28 thoughts on “Let’s Get Physical/Stairway to Healthy

    1. You would enjoy it, Sharukh. There is a lot of history in those old beacons. And the Fresnel lights are beautiful! Of course the old lights were oil fires. They have one landing at the St Augustine Lighthouse that has a simulation bucket weighted as though filled with oil to allow one to understand what had to be carried up all those steps throughout the days and nights. It was a hazardous job!

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  1. Those are gorgeous photos of the lighthouse and grounds, Cheryl. And it’s a great way to stay in shape! I totally understand about getting older and not being able to eat like I did when I was in y 20’s and 30’s. Sadly it IS age and that menopause thing that makes it easier to gain weight and harder to lose it. Which reminds me…I need to get up and moving. Have an awesome Saturday!


  2. You’ve sold me, Cheryl. If I get back down there, I am making the climb. I love your photo of the stairs. It almost looks like a tunnel. Of course I’m imagining a time tunnel, but that’s just my brain at work/play. And a nearby bar? It doesn’t get any better. Great photos, great response to the prompt and a wonderful looking lighthouse.


    1. Thanks Dan. I’m excited I could hit most of the prompts this week. I don’t know, it must be the steroids working….lol. You really will enjoy this lighthouse. Not as much pomp as St Augustine but really beautiful. Oh. Did I mention the Yuengling is only $2.75 during happy hour across the street? 👏🏻

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  3. Fantastic photos. Lighthouses are foreign to me, but they look cool and the stairs are great. They would be a great daily climb.


    1. They were always kind of romantically mysterious to me. I used to want to live in one when I was younger. It would be a bit like living on a ship though. Yes, a daily trek up that spiral staircase would be good. Can you imagine doing it every hour or so like they had to sometimes? 😱

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      1. This one takes about 30 minutes going at a steady pace with short landing pauses. But of course there is the fifteen minute breather for the view at the top too. 😉

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      2. I see Ponce De Leon Inlet Lighthouse is 175 feet tall with 200 steps. It would be a fun one to time myself climbing its stairs, since I climb stairs covering about the same number of vertical steps most days as part of my daily exercise.


  4. What a wonderful, fun way to get exercise.
    I’ve read several places a person needs to reduce their caloric intake by 100 calories a day each year once past midlife just to maintain their current weight.


    1. I believe it and just because of being older or less active. I really am not less active. And most tend to get more lax after being married a long time or just wanting to enjoy what they enjoy. The best thing is that if you have ever really been in good shape your muscles keep that memory. For me it isn’t as difficult getting back to a good place as it was the first time around.

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