Doorway to Spring/#Thursdaydoors

I have been waiting to make this a part of Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors event since early Spring when we first began replanting our yard. We had a lot of damage during Hurricane Matthew’s tantrum last Fall and had to resod our little patch out front we lovingly-and barely-can call the front yard. We also added a lot of new tropicals to our side yard. Of course we needed to feed and shore up what was still hanging on after the “devastation” . So we headed to one of our favorite outdoor places for quickie garden center supplies. There is another nursury that is my personal favorite and not just because it has a butterfly garden. I swear. 

But that is an adventure trip and we were on “business”.



I loved this red door as we walked in. So welcoming, so enticing….it seemed to say, “Come on in. Spend your money here; and you, too, can have such a lush garden! Right……

Do visit Norm’s page at the link above and look for the blue froggie. If you make your own Thursday Doors post you can paste the link there and check out some other cool doors posted by other great bloggers!

Happy Thursday everyone!

26 thoughts on “Doorway to Spring/#Thursdaydoors

  1. I’ve noticed garden centers around here using doors as decoration. I think they send a very good message. This red door in that sea of beauty is stunning. Glad to see you among the door crazies, Cheryl!


      1. No, I mean they never came to me in my email as they normally do. I found like eight comments on two separate posts! Arrgggg. Then gmail keeps updating and changing the mail format so that now all messages on one thread are connected, making it easy to miss a message. I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up. Sigh…

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