Daisy Dawn




Time to wake,

you sleepyhead

The dawn is breaking

o’er your head.


Life is stirring

all around,

a symphony

of sight and sound.





Chirping birds

in every hue.

Awake! Breathe in,

enjoy the view

before it fades

to but a dream,

mere memories of

all things seen

and in between






Wake up!

Ye stewards

of this land

It’s fate rests


in your hands.

And do not cry

“In God we trust!”


God trusted us

to care for this world-

every leaf unfurled,

a precious gift.


The beast, the bloom,

the sky-such room

to fly!




From dust we came

to dust we go

and thus no one

may ever know

the folly that was known

as man,

destroyed by naught

 but his own hand.

Wake Up!


Cheryl KP

 copyright 2017

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