In Your Hands


In your hands you hold the key

to bitter pain, to ecstasy-

what will it be?


In your hands a mystery,

so raw, so new,

what will you do?

Nurture it and watch it bloom,

keep it tethered in a room

of dark insecurity?


In your hands the blood runs hot,

the power surging, urging


to eat, be eaten-

To love. Or not.


In your hands was placed  a gift

to cherish, marvel and uplift

all that came before

we closed our minds to more

than mindless playthings.


In your hands the future waits

for guidance, hope-is it too late

to preserve what they deserve,

that which we created from

our deep desire-

the need to be?



In your hands I placed my trust

through days of thunder, wanderlust

and yet you crush my soul

in moments of fear, my dear-

You do not understand your hand

is strong, love is long

and I am constant.


In my hands I hold the light,

you have it too!

If only you

will open up your angry fist,

why continue to resist

the moment you have longed for

throughout eternity?

in your hands you hold release

from pain, the stain

of regret. Forget

all is but a breath on the winds of



For all you hold within your hands

take care, beware



thusly crushing

what you sought

you fought

to find.

Cheryl KP

copyright 2017

2 thoughts on “In Your Hands

  1. This is beautiful, Cheryl. Such pretty photos, perfectly wrapped in lovely words. A great start to this long and important weekend. I hope you enjoy a break from the craziness.


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