Beauty and the Feast

We all know it’s a wonderfully wild world out there. With my own eyes constantly turning to the things of nature, I marvel that much of it goes unnoticed by others. I was blessed to have a quietly lovely Mother’s Day with bits of many things I love, including a trip to one of my favorite state parks. The rose garden is amazing and there are wonders, great and small along the shady walks and natural trails. From the corner of my eye-the flicker of movement in a nearby tree. A zoomed lens shot, and voila!

Tiny Beauty!



Then, crossing the road out of the shade of the oaks and into the  sunlit skies over the coquina beaches, something up in the bare branches of a roadside tree catches my husband’s eye. This time another majestic scene is playing out as the great feathered fisher prepares to enjoy its feast.

The osprey seemed to have a bit of trouble getting its meal on such a precarious tray, but it was tenacious….

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And very serious about its meal.



I thought it was a good day to not be a fish…

Beauty and the Feast

(That was a Crevalle Jack fish-may he rest in pieces 😉)

8 thoughts on “Beauty and the Feast

  1. Fantastic photos! There are Ospreys nesting in the Lake District, just a few miles down the road from us. I must try and catch a glimpse over the weekend … Glad you had such a lovely Mother’s Day (the UK celebrations are in March).


    1. Hi Julia! Thanks. Yes I beleive that is also the month Costa Rica celebrates it. You definitely should check out the ospreys. They are also really tight as nesters. I had a baby osprey land on my roof on its maiden flight once. I posted about it. Have a great week!

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