What Dreams May Come

Hello and Happy Weekend. And in case I am not able to touch base tomorrow, I am wishing all the mothers out there a very special day in honor of all that you do for the ones you love and who love you. I promised my hawk story but have felt intimidated about how best to express the feelings that came with this particular hawk in this particular park on this particular day in what was a most peculiar week.

Oh, let’s not mince words. I had been swimming in the depths of the dark seas for a couple of weeks, feeling myself sinking into a depression I had not visited for a very long time. It is difficult to pinpoint the trigger for such events except to say that there is usually a culmination of events, emotions, past history and perceived pain that is blended in a soul that longs for an inexpressible freedom. Drop in a pinch of fear and you have the perfect brew for a steaming, noxious cup of sorrow.

Enter my savior. Usually fighting a battle that is not for myself, but for others, gives me a sense of identity and purpose, the certainty that what I am doing is for good, a feeling I often cannot produce when fighting some of my own battles.

I value my convictions to a Christ minded life. And a Buddha minded life. And a Lao Tzu minded life and any other prophet who sought to bring understanding, empathy, forgiveness and unconditional love into this often mad nightmare we know as life. We can make it a beautiful dream or we can create our own worst nightmares.  My dreamcatcher represents my acceptance of my responsibility for this walk, my life. It is a collaboration with Eternity, and my greatest goal is understanding what I came here to do, to not miss any opportunity to grow.

I began my own search for understanding as mid life set in. After watching a beloved parent slowly waste away of depression was not going to be my own legacy. I had to see things as they were and understand that there was no one to blame.

I created this dreamcatcher many years ago, when I first began my journey inward, for that is where the true mystery lies. All the answers, the miracles, the well spring of unconditional love. Right there with us all the time, just like Dorothy’s ruby slippers. As I gave myself over to Spirit, real miracles began happening for me. Signs appeared when I needed assurance, encouragement and support. These signs most often came from my feathered friends. Every feather helping to create this work of love came from a bird-a gift-the sign I sought.



Turtle is always there, so much representative of my nature-slow to act, water loving, but retreating into its shell at the first sign of danger. Hawk was always around but somehow on the fringe…

Two weeks ago the hawk began coming to me, ever more frequently. I awoke to her call in the early morning, insistent and loud. She appeared to me on my way to work, often swooping down just in front of my car. Then, for three straight days hawks came to the park where I sat having lunch, alighting on a nearby pole to survey the ground, posing it seemed.

I always take photos of the birds that visit me, hoping most of all to capture their inner spirit, the personality that is uniquely their own;  and they oblige. I think they know this is my heart’s desire because so often they come to me.



On this day, while having lunch with a friend, we heard a call while overhead the hunter circled with some small prey in its talons. Back and forth it flew over us, never lighting to enjoy its meal, but eventually leaving.


We finsihed our lunch and walked across the park and parking lot to leave when hawk cried out and landed about five feet away on the ground near us.


I didn’t have my camera but thought perhaps it would allow me a couple of quick photos. As I moved closer and closer, it never flinched, but looked me in the eye and showed me every angle of its beautiful self.

Even when a diesel truck pulled in behind us, the hawk remained. I knelt in front of it and allowed its energy to fill me, to whisper to my soul, and felt the surge of understanding it was giving to me. It was there for me in that moment.

In return, I have tried to capture its beauty, grace and power in the photos here. I literally took dozens but have narrowed it to a few.  Eventually we had to leave but my friend remained. I felt as though I could have reached out and touched it. But I know enough to know those talons are sharp and effective.


Hawk’s message to me was intimate on several levels, but outwardly, it said,

“Take back your power. Accept your power. Stop giving it away.”

There is no evil in power. It is only what we we do with it that can be called into question. And we must always question the power that seeks to harm others.

I accept now just how strong I am; and this knowledge has brought me the greatest peace I have ever known.

What animals are present in your life? Are you listening to their voice? Perhaps there is something to be learned by their presence. Open your heart and listen.

From Shamanic Journey

One trait all hawks share, is the ability to move between the seen and unseen realms gracefully, joining both worlds together. Their acute vision attributes this ability, their discriminating nature keeps them out of danger’s path. Hawks have a broad vision, allowing them to see what the future holds. In man this is a symbol of prophetic insight. If this gift is underdeveloped, it is common for people with this power animal to have a tendency of over analysing everything. When this is so, clear vision is lost. You must learn to keep your analytical mind under control, not allowing it to run wild.

Hawk possess many hunting skills. The most common, when pursuing prey, is to swiftly follow the prey’s efforts to get away. Once the prey is caught in the hawks mighty talons, it is then dismembered with their sharply pointed, powerful beak. For us, this may indicate that we may be able to run, but not hide from our destiny. For, eventually it will catch up with us.

The destiny of man is to awaken from their spiritual amnesia and to realign with the original intention of their soul. When the hawk gets a hold of us in his powerful talons, we will be asked to evaluate who we have become and to shatter our self created illusions. This will help our inner truth to come out into the open and for it to shine.

Hawk denotes union with All That Is. The hawk is a bird of the heavens, arranging the changes necessary to prompt our spiritual growth. Having this power animal can be bitter sweet. When accepting its presence in your life, you will be asked to surrender/give up anything that doesn’t honour the integrity of all life. Whether its an idea, feeling or action. Although hard work is involved, the rewards to be reaped are great, far outweighing this.

My title comes from one of my favorite films. If you haven’t seen it, you should. I believe in Soul Mates. Of all kinds. We are all here to help one another to navigate this dream.

22 thoughts on “What Dreams May Come

    1. You know, I have a documentary about the birds of prey including the Harpy’s eagle. After watching it and being astonished by their beauty and efficiency and unfailing care of their young, I have wondered where we humans were when all the animals were developing such superior skills and understanding of earth.


      1. See comment below for my response. I added to your earlier comment. Top of the food chain makes humans think they can squash everything else. Well…some humans.

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  1. I bet you are a fantastic mom. You are on a philosophical journey, and I appreciate being able to read about it. Happy Mother’s Day, wise Cheryl.


  2. This sounds like it has been quite a journey, Cheryl. How we reconnect with our spiritual side varies, but the process is important for all of us. You have to follow the signs, pay attention to the inputs and messages and find your path. I wish you luck.

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