The Choice/Poetry

The Choice

‘Twas brillig

(That’s 4 o’clock, you know, for

Lewis Carroll spoke it so)

BR trip Feb 2017 269.NEF

‘Twas brillig in Adventure-land

as I observed a handsome man;

Young was he,  and with him, she

was urging him to venture forth

upon the path to show his worth.

Butterfly Zen April 1 217 copyright 047.NEF

But, being late and she, quite bored,

suggested something untoward.

“Here,” said she, “I have the key

that points to which, these paths of three

providing straight and perfect end

to fun, adventure and pretend!”

Butterfly Zen April 1 217 copyright 160.NEF

He, smiling, took the oddity,

proceeded forth most dutifully.

It seemed a happy end, for they

could go along their merry way.

Lincoln Vacay April 2017 copyright 142.NEF

Yet I could not be satisfied,

and asked the hostess, to the side,

“What would happen if, instead,

I chose the path unknown ahead?”

She seemed confused by my suggestion,

for naught had ever dared to question.

Undaunted, she collected thought,

could not deny my ticket bought.

“Well, you may wander round and round

till finally longing to be found

would cry to Glory to be led

safely back to home and bed.”

Lincoln Vacay April 2017 copyright 337.NEF

Considering the ease of these,

the two of which she offered keys-

for naught but free!

Yet swift and easy, my soul chided,

was not the path we had decided

would bring fulfillment, joy and gain

so much to learn from loss and pain.

Lincoln Vacay April 2017 copyright 085.NEF

I softly smiled, refused the key,

“I’ll choose the path to see, to be,

enjoy the freedom that is me.”

I longed to peek round every turn

till weary I should long and yearn

to reach the end and call the game

with thankful heart that ‘ere I came.

Butterfly Zen April 1 217 copyright 128

To rest, repose, review, suppose…

What be the path that I should trust

when next the game I entered thus…..

And flying free

to a brand new


friday blues 148.NEF

This, from a dream I had last night. I was at an amusement park. I dare not give credit to Mouse land for it gets too much already.  I found myself in a beautiful garden, Wonderland style with a young couple waiting to enter a “ride” which was a choice of three paths, one a Labyrinth of sorts and the others would lead out.  The maid who hosted the event was offering a “free trip” to the end with a key which the young couple was eager and happy to take, avoiding the hassle of having to take the unknown  and thus slower route.

To the side I asked her what lay on the unknown path and would I wander round about aimlessly there should it be chosen instead. She answered yes, it does not lead out but that when one wearied of the twists and turns they might call for help and be delivered from the Labyrinth.  Still, I thought how much more interesting the twists and turns would be compared to the swift, uninteresting and set path that the others chose.  I asked if there would be someone watching me all the time and she said yes.  I knew I would choose the unknown path, the long way round, the brambles and blooms, the ups and downs; for this is the only life worth living to me.  Rich, diverse, full, and leaving its imprint upon my soul.

Dreams eh?

friday blues 080.NEF

10 thoughts on “The Choice/Poetry

    1. This one was in full blown technicolor! I feel dreams happen for. Arious reasons but primarily to deliver messages. Most often from our subconscious but sometimes from other places oe entities.

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      1. Me too, but if I can’t remember my dreams how am I going to work out the message?! That’s the question I ask myself when I wake up with that feeling of a dream right on the edge of my memory, but I can’t retrieve it. It’s so frustrating! 🙂


      2. I know what u mean. I have those too. In the past if I awoke in the middle of the night from a profoud dream I would tell it to my husband or write it down or record it.

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