More to This Story/Gift of the Hawk

Yes, as Paul Harvey always said, “Stay tuned for ‘the rest of the story’. ” I miss those stories. There is more to this story but I just wanted to share a few photos of one of this week’s miracle moments for me.


This hawk came to me in the park. I have never felt like I did in those moments in the whole of my life.

More to follow…,

18 thoughts on “More to This Story/Gift of the Hawk

    1. What started out like thunder turned into a beautiful storm on that day Lara. I believe Sara Thunderhawk. One of my supervisors who is very intuitive told me that that evening a baby hawk, still with new feathers, landed at her husband’s feet. She and I share a common bond and are both Cancer. I understand the message for me. I will write about it this weekend. This bird never left even as I got closer and closer. I knelt and our eyes met. I felt I could have touched it but I know how sharp those talons and beak are so left it within its own space.

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    1. It did indeed Dan. A member of management at work told me yesterday that a baby hawk landed at her husband’s feet on Thursday evening. It seems like hawk had messages for us this week!

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      1. We’re not too happy with the ones around here. It appears that one carried away a new mom bunny – three baby bunnies died 😦


      2. Nature apprears very cruel Dan. Bet there are a few sad cows out there losing their veal…ummm…calves to the table. 😔 Sorry about the bunnies. They have more than their share of predators. I just saw a photo of a huge heron with a black baby bunny gripped in the tip of its beak. 😱

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      3. I do understand. Seeing that snake at my lizard buddy was awful. Just a few days ago we found a headless mole in the yard. Not sure what did it, likely a hawk or possum, raccoon. We don’t care for moles because they ruin the yard but it was unsettling to find it like that.

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