Just What Truth Are We Talking About?

Scully: Mulder, there is no scientific evidence available to authenticate the likely existence of anything resembling a half human/half-fish creature such as a mermaid.

Mulder: Shut up and kiss me, Scully.

Scully: I thought you wanted to explore the case of the missing men and these mermaid sightings.

Mulder: Right now I just want to watch your red lips form the word ‘mermaid‘ over and over again.

(smiles wickedly)

Scully: Mulder, you’re exasperatingly incorrigible.

Mulder: So…encourage me. Say ”mermaid”. But reeal slow.

Scully:  Can we please get back to the case of the missing men?

Mulder: Scully, would you give up your tail to…umfor me? 

Scully: Well, I’ve already given up my credibility as a serious scientist, so why not? Would you give up your legs if I was…I can’t believe I’m having this discussion….one of those creatures?

Mulder: Those ‘creatures’ are called mermaids. And, yes, I would swim into the dark ocean depths after giving up at least two of my legs…(wicked chuckle) for you, Dana.

Scully: (eye roll) And that, folks, is why they call him Fox….

The truth is out there…..

14 thoughts on “Just What Truth Are We Talking About?

  1. You captured a humorous scene and showing a less subtle, more overt side of Mulder. I always enjoy your part of the conversation on the bar posts, Cheryl. 😀


    1. Thanks Robin. Dan has me pretty well pegged. I alwYs wanted to be a bartender and this may ne the nearest I get to it. I love the dynamic between Mulder and Scully. Thanks so much for reading my posts today. 😊


    1. Thanks Deborah. I was just cleaning closets and found these figures that were among my son’s old toy figures. Speaking of closets, I am a closet Duchovney fan, warts and all. This little scene just sort of popped into my head. I worried all night I might offend some of my followers. But I yam what I yam. 😀

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