Hi dear friends,

In an effort to find a less frantic sense of accomplishment in my creative process, I started reading The Artist’s Way again, this time the entire three series set. It really is an amazing work for anyone who feels blocked or stunted or not creative at all. We all truly do long to create, and tapping in to that precious resource is the key to surviving this often tedious and  sometimes joyless journey we call life. The miracles we seek lie within. They always have; and yet this fact seems to elude most if us at one point or another.  For many people, it plagues them throughout their lifetime. So….I am producing fewer posts for now, but am enjoying every thing that I am doing in my life. I love photography perhaps most of all and so wanted to share some of the things I saw through my camera lens over this past weekend.

Sweet potato waffles…loving that little gadget!

We start with food and end with it. Donnie’s Donuts has become a favorite place for us, serving up the most basic delicious cake doughnut with the most delectable toppings. They have signature versions as well as taking special requests. It is a nice little indulgence and only steps away from the beach!

ummm the Elvis is a favorite with peanut butter and banana frosting. And the Boston Cream Pie. Or the Banana Cream Pie. Or the….😱

I hope you all have a creatively spectacular week! I am looking for forward to some nice things in mine.

I know.

How could I right? Talk em up, lead you right to the door and NOT show you the goods!



Happy? Yeah..they have that effect on you. 😜

8 thoughts on “Snippets

  1. Cheryl, you know they say great minds think alike? Years ago in Tillamook, I read Camerons’ Artist’s Way and started the three pages, art dates, etc, and kept with it over the years. YOU would be my perfect artists date… xoxox to you


  2. I am looking forward to this week. Those food pictures are making me hungry. At least we finally have some spring blossoms to look at, although it’s a chilly, rainy Monday. I hope you get your muses tamed and your creative juices flowing, Cheryl but a little break can be good for the soul, as long as you keep noticing the world around you. Have a great week!

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    1. Thanks Dan! It’s going to be a great week. I’m already feeling more inspiration and creative outflow so things are good on this Monday. We could use some of that rain though.

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