A Little Bird Told Me/Random14

Spotted at last weekend’s Native American Festival

Hubby and I spotted this at nearly the same moment.

This is not our first message on stone, if you have been following my Random posts.

This one struck a chord because I

feel the birds that appear in my life are speaking to me many times, in many ways.

This little bluebird just seemed to say, “Be still. Feel the peace of each moment.”

I saw a few more birds that day, all beautiful, all seeming to say the same thing.

Life may be difficult, times may get rough, but always there is peace to be found if you look within; for therein lies the heart of God.

A little bird told me so.

Have a peaceful, joyful weekend everyone.

CKP 2017

16 thoughts on “A Little Bird Told Me/Random14

  1. I am fond of birds. I had a cardinal deliver an afterlife message to me, from my deceased Grandpa. If you were not as busy as I know you are, I would suggest pushing on the link from my tag, “cardinal.” I wrote a sad one about pioneers travelling out west and when they saw bands of yellow Carolina parakeets they shot them with rifles. Birds are supposed to be winged messengers like Angels. 🙂


    1. Yes they are Robin! I have interesting stories connected to catdinals, one recently. I will definitely try to get back to your story. I will be posting shortly about my connection to hawk as well. Last week was amazing in so many ways. So glad we have connected here!


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