Best Friends/One Liner Wednesday

If you would like to join Linda Hill’s challenge for One Liner Wednesday go to the link and read the easy to follow instructions. Be sure to check out her great blog. Her prompts keep us imagining and engaging!


Best Friends…..



That is all……it is sufficient unto the soul.

11 thoughts on “Best Friends/One Liner Wednesday

    1. That look was actually one of concern. In the midst of getting acquainted with this grandson whom I hadn’t seen since he was born except for video calls and photos, we took a trip to the zoo with the other grandchildren. This guy tried to remain aloof but would come up and say, “I want to hold your hand now.” And we walked for awhile until he decided he needed Dad again. At this point they walked ahead as I hung back to photograph some gorgeous antelope. As I walked to catch up, I heard his little voice ask,”Where’s Grandma Cheryl?” My heart thrills to see this look of concern for where his newly discovered Grandma had gone off to. 😊

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