Too Ugly For Free Random 14

Found these golden slippers in the parking lot of a bargain center.


Seriously looking brand new. The only thing missing was the sales tag.

Buyer’s remorse?

Shoplift the wrong size?

A gift for someone else with hideously awful taste!


Yeah I’m a shoe freak. Yeah they looked lonely there on the asphalt. NO!!!

There are many things in my collection. ‘Bargain beautiful’, ‘hand me down treasured’, ‘unique color’, ‘once a year only wear’, ‘old faithful’, and ‘waiting for the perfect occasion’.


There is unequivocally, absolutely, and without a doubt NO place in my closet for ‘seriously ugly’.

Of course one woman’s ugly is another one’s treasure. I just hope they find a good home.

19 thoughts on “Too Ugly For Free Random 14

  1. Oh, I’m imagining some young lady probably slipped them off to don something more walking appropriate, got distracted, or rushed and drove off without them. By the time she figured out they were missing she couldn’t come back for them. 😦

    When Baby Girl was 4 she lost one of her favorite shoes on a beach in Hawaii. They were so beat up, and ugly; bow untied, and dirty, scuffed, and stained. I just want to throw them out for months. I pleaded with her to get new shoes for the trip, but she wouldn’t hear of it or cooperate. She was crushed with its loss and hung onto the remaining shoe for a long, long time afterwards.


  2. Well, these days I see people wearing these sparkly Steve Madden golden shoes and this one just reminded me of it.


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