#SoCS Can You Spell Earth?

HOkay I am diving into the


fun, courtesy of https://lindaghill.com/category/stream-of-consciousness-saturday/  mostly because of the prompt word ‘spell’. You can read all about the prompt and rules if you click on the link as well as meet Linda!

What ‘prompted’ me to join the stream today was the word “spell”. I always let my mind wander to the possibilities in any prompt,  and I was planning to write about Earth Day.

Yeah! Today is Earth Day, you know, a day set aside to make a real effort to remember where our gifts come from and to honor the agreement we made with the Creator to be stewards of this blue and green miracle. My friend unerstands this.




Can you spell Earth? I can.

Then I thought of the anagram for Earth.


An ancient Greek island lost during a monumental volcanic eruption that sent its entire population beneath the sea, long before my friend evolved into his tiny, charming self.





According to Wikipedia


The Minoan eruption of Thera, also referred to as the Thera eruption or Santorini eruption, was a major catastrophic volcanic eruption with a Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI) of 6 or 7 and a dense-rock equivalent (DRE) of 60 km3 (14 cu mi). Dated to the mid-second millennium BCE, the eruption was one of the largest volcanic events on Earth in recorded history. It devastated the island of Thera (now called Santorini), including the Minoan settlement at Akrotiri and communities and agricultural areas on nearby islands and the coast of Crete with a related earthquake or tsunami.

There are no clear ancient records of the eruption, which may have inspired certain Greek myths, caused turmoil in Egypt  and be alluded to in a Chinese chronicle.


I mused that a small change in how we spell Earth transports us back to another place and time when humans were urged to return to their ways of honoring the planet. Experts have compared Thera with tales of the lost civilization of Atlantis, fabled to be a highly advanced world of humans who fell away from their stewardship of the planet, and Mother Nature cried out in anger and pain, swallowing the careless keepers to cleanse her Creation.


Sounds cruel?

Compared to some of what is being done to our living, breathing host and its own children, this was merciful.


My friend gets angry when we talk about it because he spells Earth





I found it fitting to have been led down this path on this day as we stand at the precipice of impending irreparable damage to our humanity.

Let’s remember to spell Earth as we want it to remain and not as history has written it.


We went to a Pow Wow today



And visited the beach


There are small wonders in so many places


This green and blue dot in space is magnificent, so please spell it write…

I mean right.

PS Happy Birthday, dear Noah!


14 thoughts on “#SoCS Can You Spell Earth?

  1. Cheryl, thank you for the wonderful message. I weep everyday, seeing how people abuse the planet around here. They clear away trees as if the trees offended them, as if nothing else needs the trees. The real estate people, the road construction people, the government, the ordinary people. It’s like, if the tree or the animal cannot benefit them, then it is useless and must be wiped out. I feel really terrible that I am involved.


  2. Glad I stopped by… WP constantly stops the flow of my alerts.
    These are excellent thoughts on Earth Day. John Pavlovitz has been writing about the stress we are feeling and how it is the right feeling for what we are hearing and walking through if we have any consciousness at all, as you do. We continue to honor and pray for intercession for All Our Creatures.


    1. I move between ecstasy and agony as the days ebb and flow. So much beauty around and so little of it truly Ppreciated by too many. It’s one thing not to appreciate the beauty of a lizard but it’s quite another to not accept its integral part in the succssful continuance of this life. Thanks again Kate! Hugs!


    1. Thanks Lara. Most people in my day to day life consider me an amusing photo fanatic but don’t truly embrace the wonder of life. I am very lonely a lot of the time. Until I step outside and breathe the air. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Very nicely done Cheryl. I really like “…honor the agreement we made with the Creator to be stewards of this blue and green miracle.” I like the photos of your little buddy, and I’m glad you had a good day.

    Liked by 1 person

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