A Little Bird Told Me/Random14

Spotted at last weekend’s Native American Festival Hubby and I spotted this at nearly the same moment. This is not our first message on stone, if you have been following my Random posts. This one struck a chord because I feel … Continue reading A Little Bird Told Me/Random14

Too Ugly For Free Random 14

Found these golden slippers in the parking lot of a bargain center. Seriously looking brand new. The only thing missing was the sales tag. Buyer’s remorse? Shoplift the wrong size? A gift for someone else with hideously awful taste! Yeah I’m a shoe freak. Yeah they looked lonely there on the asphalt. NO!!! There are many things in my collection. ‘Bargain beautiful’, ‘hand me down treasured’, ‘unique color’, ‘once a year only wear’, ‘old faithful’, and ‘waiting for the perfect occasion’. But…. There is unequivocally, absolutely, and without a doubt NO place in my closet for ‘seriously ugly’. Of course … Continue reading Too Ugly For Free Random 14