Life As a Rose







repeat. 😏

Thank God for hope and new opportunity.

Beacuse I love Bette Midler!

15 thoughts on “Life As a Rose

    1. Thanks Dan. I’m so happy to see my roses again. Their path this week mirrored my own emotional one. The good news is there are a dozen new blooms and more opportunites to be amazing.

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    1. I have the tags Amy but will have to check. I’m so excited because this beauty came back stronger this year.Last year the poor dear was blighted from the moment of blooming. And it is such a full layered rose! I love it. Thanks.

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      1. The fullness reminds me of my Rose. I try keeping the tags on each bush to keep track but I always don’t succeed. I’m really excited for you because I get it. 😙


      2. Thanks Amy. My “ladies” bring me so much joy and sunshine. I have five different colors. I kept all the tags but they are tucked away somewhere right now. One bush has about eight buds right now. I’m so excited.

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      3. I KNOW how much JOY my Roses give me. There is so much to know on how to care for them and over the years I have learned to “listen” to them as to what they require and how to prune them. Enjoy them, dear friend. I can hardly wait to see mine again! 🙂 ❤


      4. I look forward to sharing our roses over this Spring and Summer! Our Winter was so mild they didn’t truly disappear this year. Just tok a beauty rest. 😉


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