Lone Shark/Random 11


There was a sudden storm yesterday. Could that be the reason for this fellow, beached and left to waste, washed up or dropped during the throes of a freak Sharknado?!




Likely a slippery mishap, the mini beast escaping the safety of a little tike’s pudgy grip, his child’s mind on to a new adventure. Later will come the questions, the queries…the crying and the gnashing of teeth over a missing toy.

Unless it was flung from the window of a moving car into the torrential rain. Life imitating art.


10 thoughts on “Lone Shark/Random 11

    1. Ahh well it was lying on the concrete outside the wholesale club. I spotted it while waiting for the hubs to pull the car over and load up in the rain. Just snapped a couple shots and totally confused the curious man standing a few feet behind me. Lol Besides the little shark trainer just might have gone back for his friend….πŸ˜‰

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