The Journey Begins

Forever Never/The Dawn of the Dream


In 2007, as I walked beside a trail of woods, the wind blew through the trees and the sounds from within the shadows whispered into my brain, nudging it to tell a tale, to search for the story from within.  I previously wrote the story and put it here, in chapters, for some feedback.  When not much came, I moved on, feeling there must have been an error.  But I was wrong. Too many people hurt, too many are wounded and too many feel lost, for me not to share my story.


So, at this time, I am urged to pick up the pieces of my humble story and try to present it again.  If it touches even one heart, it will have been worthy of the work.

Why are we here?  Where is Eternity?  What is the plan? Is there even a purpose to all that we know of as a life? How do we win the struggle between Good and Evil? These very legitimate questions have plagued humankind ever since it came into existence, erasing the knowing of the All That Is and propelling onto the perceived journey “home”.  What I have come to understand for myself may seem astounding to some, familiar to others and perhaps crazy to many.  I only know I have found comfort in realizing the duality of our nature through seeing the ultimate way that everything is connected within the All That Is, and accepting that there must be an inevitable end to the illusion we like to call “life“.  Still, there remain many unanswered questions, and I submit to you that this quest, this journey, the unanswered questions are indeed our reason for continuing the journey.

What of  God, that elusive being known by many names and yet understood by so few?  And what about the Creator’s grand ‘Plan‘?  What if there were no plan at all? What if existence was nothing more than an experiment-a grand dream, a hope that was born of a simple desire? What if all that truly exists is Love-an immeasurable, unconditional love that wants only to perpetuate Its own existence?  Life thus was born of Love’s ultimate need to know itself and be loved in the way in which It was capable of loving, Its legacy continuing on in the human race as the created bear children whom they love unconditionally while basking in the glow of such love returned to those who created them, on and on with each new generation of Creators.

What if Eternity is not somewhere “up” or “out” there?  I submit that it exists around and within us, but we have lost our memory of how to connect with it as we once did, our former clear, crisp perception now dulled to a faint whisper,  too often dulled by the voice of fear and deception that plagues our fractured souls. This fracture was but a tiny crack as it was born; but soon fed by conscious thought, it grew into a gaping chasm that threatened to envelope the reason and hope of its host.

Good and Evil?  What if this ancient struggle is not one that takes place in our outer world? What if there are no “good” or “bad” beings? I have come to accept the duality of my own nature, that within my soul lie the seeds of darkness that are eager to cloud my perceptions, to feed my fear of being without love, and to use that hunger to control my actions and reactions.

We spend so much of our lives running from our darkness, denying its existence and begging to be rescued by the Light, when all we need to do is to allow our inner Light to illuminate the dark recesses of our own souls, accept that we are not perfect within our human bodies, and know that in the eyes of The Creator we are perfect-now and always.  Always, always,  we are perfectly loved.

Will this knowledge repair humanity’s collectively diseased soul? Likely not.  But would not the Unconditional Love of the Universe rejoice in the healing of even one soul? It takes but one flicker to light the darkness..

My work is not intended to refute, undermine or replace any religious doctrine.  It is merely my own perception of Creation, my personal vision,  as I weave my way along this path of illusion called life.

This chapter is the beginning of my book, but by no means the beginning of the story, for within infinity there is no beginning or end.  This is but one legend as told from the perspective of its characters.  I hope you find some bit of truth in the telling.

“Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists.  Herein lies the peace of God.”   From A Course In Miracles.

The names of characters and places are derived mostly of Latin or Irish origination but all races came from one thought.


Forever Never/The Dawn of the Dream

by Cheryl Pennington

copyright words and images 2017


Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

The Traveler

The morning sun glared ruthlessly over the horizon, heralding another dawn, as the world of Dohman blinked the night shadows from its heavy eyelids.  A soft breeze skipped over the hillside with airy fingers that stirred the sea of grass and vine, beckoning existence to join the illusion once more. As daylight chased away the night shadows, the dark magic once again cast its spell over the waking life of Domhan, its inhabitants responding to the silky whispers of a powerful voice, the voice of he who orchestrated the Devastation and who controlled the Oblivion.  It arose from within the slithering mists of daybreak, beckoning attention  and demanding obedience from Domhans’s  most beloved.  It was they who commanded his every thought, provoked his anger and, ultimately, remained at his mercy.
The awakening was always the same. Her eyes fluttered open as the first breath of morning kissed her face, cool and fresh while her confused mind groped for conscious thought. Lifting her face to the soft warmth of sunrise, she blinked; and in that twinkling of eternity, she remembered.  She understood all that happened and felt a flood of relief in the knowing, for in that blinding moment of perception, the memory was so vivid,  so mercurial.  A barely audible gasp escaped her mouth as hope rose in her heart for a fleeting second followed closely by anguish that consumed her heart as the veil of darkness descended over her thoughts,  obliterating the elusive glimpse of truth. The gasp turned to yawn as she opened her eyes fully to the new dawn of the Forgotten, unaware of the lucid moment that resumed its place in the shadows, not even a memory in the dark recesses of her mind.

In that same moment another stirred beneath morning’s touch as the callous hand of sorcery repeated its wickedly brilliant performance. The smell of lavender on the chilly breeze nudged his drowsy senses awake and he felt her presence for an instant, at once acutely alert.  He lay there, frozen by his heart’s desire and held his breath, clutching the moment.  With every sunrise came such a brief union, filling his young soul with peace, comfort and the kind of love that could only come from her.   Golden shards of light struck the moldy ground beneath him, and the weary Traveler’s mind summoned the vision again, thus weaving his own magic, though the outline seemed faint this morning in spite of its familiarity.  Why shouldn’t it be familiar?  He had drawn the memory within his mind with every rising sun since she disappeared without a trace, that one who knew everything and loved without question, gave everything to her world.  She gave more of herself than any of them deserved, thought Amhain, especially now. Still, his mind quietly drew the images that kept him going, kept him hoping, kept him searching….

Comfort and strength defined her as she strolled down the paths of his past, a painful reminder of the innocent he used to be, of the trust he once knew.  Now it must be the hope that drove him onward. His foggy brain wandered through the mists for the familiar images-the long, dark curls of hair that danced with a life of their own as she moved. Her hands, delicate and soft as she touched his cheek and looked into his eyes with deep windows of pure adoration.

Amhain’s loving memory drew images of white luxurious blooms and constant joyful laughter. Their laughter. But now there was only he-alone with what was left of her world-and without the perfect place he had known as home. Their most beloved Foirfeachta. A billowy cloud floated through his mind,  the fading image of a garden, hung thick with vines and lush green leaves, a haven where he had known contentment.  He walked the shady path through the woods, into the clearing where she waited.  She, the perfect form of feminine love-and he, the child following behind, appreciating every thing about her-the curve of her smile, the furrow of her brow, the tilt of her head as she turned from him to wave at another.  No, not this.  His hesitant mind’s eye moved regretfully to the object of her gesture; for this was where his heartache became unbearable, forcing him to release the conjuring, and turn from the memory. The pain cut like a dagger into Amhain’s soul, threatening to tear him apart; but then he felt her near him again, hanging like damp air around his drowsy senses to calm him, urging him to keep hope alive.
“Hurry!” she whispered. I wait..but I don’t know how long I can remain…”  She must be near! How could she not be when he could feel her so close and hear her very thoughts?


As the young traveler struggled to create her face within his mind again,  the fog pulled her completely into the shadows. Always as she slipped away, he saw her face, her lips parted to speak, to share a word of comfort.  Her mouth formed his name as he waited hopefully to hear the music flow from within those sweet lips, his young heart beating wildly.  But the fog faded to black nothingness that enveloped the vision and snuffed the sound that would have eased his loneliness. His soul wept, but no tears came.  Only the harsh light of day pried his eyelids open, signaling a new morning. It was always the same. He marveled that he had never become accustomed to the event nor able to stop its painful, euphoric, devastating power over him.  That was the dark magic.  That was his burden since the Devastation.  It was what tortured him but also what kept him moving onward, ever vigilant.  “Odd that pain can  do such things”, he muttered.

Amhain lifted himself onto one elbow as he brushed debris from his blanket and gazed at his horse, also stirred by the morning light.  “Only Eternity knows what dreams you must have, dear friend.”


He shielded his eyes from the glare of dawn and wondered how long it would be before the sun simply forgot to rise over their world, leaving them in darkness forever.

to be continued……..

16 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. “I submit to you that this quest, this journey, the unanswered questions are indeed our reason for continuing the journey.”
    When I started I had no idea I was reading the beginning of installments!
    I look forward to this ride with you. The imagery is powerful.


    1. Tha ks Kate! I’m honored and excited you read the first installment. I will hopefully have another up soon. These people have been with me for a long while now. I have missed them. Hope you are doing well!


  2. I’m glad to see you back at this. I think you have found something. Your writing is crisp and the story is compelling. I look forward to following as this moves forward. Also, I’m glad to be in this from the start. I joined the last time, mid stream.


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