22 thoughts on “Treasure

    1. Enjoyed. I zipped right trough it. It is a real treasure and, as with all books I have been led to, it inspired me in wonderful ways. I love it. I had previously shred it with a few people based on reviews and suggestions but now think everyone should read it at some pount in their lives. Just like The Four Agreements. Thanks Sharukh. Now I am reading Siddartha.


      1. I do a lot of creative things and people have suggested I do any one of them for money or as a living. I never wanted to turn any of them into fll time work because it would take the joy out of it for m. But I can do photography and editing all day and night with so much enthusiasm I can see it as a living if I had chosen it,

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    1. We were actually feeding the birds treats and these gulls crashed the ibis/duck party. This one really was that close to my face! It was a special moment. Let me know when it comes to you. Me, I’m thinking. “Bread? You brought bread and no fish?”

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