Random 8/The Blue Snake…

Better known as Sippitus Serpentes Plastica de Azul. This rare specimen is an exceptional find in the wilds of the State Park and reserve areas.  How thrilled and surprised I was to discover one right in the parking lot as we were about to leave!





One can only imagine the disappointment and sheer chaos that losing such a treasure must have created for its owners….


Just one of the magnificent treasures we encountered on our afternoon walk.  I hope your weekend has brought miracles and surprises too!




I am sincerely praying for a week of wisdom and miracles for us all.


16 thoughts on “Random 8/The Blue Snake…

  1. You had me there for a minute with the blue snake. I just read the Latin name quickly without thinking about it. I thought “Cool, something I’ve never heard of”.

    It looks like you have a habit of being in the right place. These are really great.


  2. Great photo of the Osprey, Cheryl. The folks back at the nest will be happy with that take-out. The parking lot snake is a great capture, too. I almost looks motionless 😉

    I hope your week is off to a good start.


    1. There were so many out fishing Dan. I missed some good shots too. I happened to be driving us and just before arriving at the park an osprey flew over with a fish too large for his talons and dropped it right in front of us on the road!
      Yes, that snake was sunning itself. 😉


  3. Miracles, indeed! Is that the osprey? Marvellous creatures! The birds that catch fish from the water have a certain accuracy, speed and precision that is absolutely mind-boggling. Imagine how we, the humans, would fail at such! How we would still have to calculate and draw curves and analyse the motion!
    Even the guy wading in the water is awesome. The insect too.


    1. Thank you Peter. Yes, that is the Osprey. It is considered the finest fisher among birds. Yesterday afternoon we saw many of them fishing and building their nests. In fact, on our way to this park, one flew overhead and his fish was too large, so it dropped to the highway right in front of us! I was driving or there would have been a photo most certainly. 😀Nature is magnificent.


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