The Dreadful Question/Random 6

Thanking my hubby for today’s random photo. He is still brave enough to go to Wal-Mart.


As to the case of the “dread”ful incident that landed this hairpiece in the parking lot of said Wal-Mart, minus an owner, well…..I will leave that up to the sleuths in the audience to surmise.

Ummm….we did have a very warm couple of days. And tempers have been running high in general; or maybe they just checked out and took the Mothership to the big Wal-Mart beyond the Milky Way…..

Somewhere I can hear George Carlin’s voice from my favorite album,

“Police sift clues…..sifting clues…’s what they do.”

God I miss him.


12 thoughts on “The Dreadful Question/Random 6

  1. You know this is a hilarious post, especially John’s story. I have a secret folder on this computer full of Carlin – I loved him too. I met him once – only to be speechless. But the hair, those dreads, it’s a good mystery!


    1. Hi Lara! How marvelous to have met George. He has been a hero of mine since I was in high school. I love his On the Road album. Yeah the mystery could have been a “catfight” too. They look rather curley for regular dreads….

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      1. He jad that admirable quality of realism tinged with humor. Brilliant indeed. I met Cat Stevens once many years ago. I have that photo and autograph. He has a gentle sporit.

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  2. I like John’s story. But if that happened, are we haunted by viewing this page?

    The nest material is a good one, too. We cover our garden hose/reel with burlap in the winter to protect it from bird droppings when we unwrap it in the spring, the burlap disappears. We see bits of it being dragged to and through the fence. It’s going up in the tree where the squirrels nest.

    Then again, maybe it was a disguise that was ditched after someone stole a case of Hot Pockets.


  3. A lot of wind out your way? I can’t imagine how a hair piece found its way to the parking lot. Oh, wait! A story. “Hey man. How you been?” Terrific my man how’s about you?” “not too bad since I got rid of that haunted hair.” “Haunted hair you say?” Yeah man. Almost drove me nuts. Kept calling my name all night.” “Whadjew do?” “Gave it the slip at Wal-Mart.” “How?” “Told the greeter I needed to return it.” “Then what?” “He grabbed it and gave it a toss. Landed on a big guy who kicked it to the curb. Run over by a UPS truck and got caught on the wheel. Truck took it into the lot.” “That was it?” ” Naw it started crawling toward the building.” Yowza. Did it get you?” “Almost. I got in my car and sped away. The last I seen was someguy taking its picture.” “So now the picture is haunted.?” “Yup.”


    1. Hahahaha! Love it. Thanks for the tale John. It could happen….
      I also thought maybe it was an Osprey attack. They are building nests right now. Small dogs, straw hats and beanies are fair game too!


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