The Moon Has Many Faces

This January moon coming to full glory has been more tumultuous than most.  Her majesty has been wreaking havoc on many levels.  For expert information on the true “phases” of her grace, visit my friend Clarissa over at Viva Combusta.  She is such a wonderful astrologer on every level.


But if you want to see the many “faces” of last night’s moon, well, I captured just a few of her many moods.  It might explain the fickle nature of her influence on our energy this week.


She peeks, so demure it seems


She taunts the soul and haunts the dreams…


She winks


And blinks

before she thinks,

obsessed with power, magic, delight!


shielded by the veil of night,

her web of mystery weaving bright-



And slips away by light of day,

as though her works were merely play…


retreating in the shadow’s way.

Temptress, Mistress, Seer, Witch

your light hypnotic, warm exotic

entrances, the chances

of escape are futile.

You win.

We sigh as we say goodbye

watch you fade into a mere sliver of your


Until next month, dear Lady…..

21 thoughts on “The Moon Has Many Faces

    1. Thanks so much Steve. I am always intrigued by “peekhole” views. I try to get Venus in this way too but need an extra flash which I don’t have and my star photos never auite work out. I appreciate your comment! 😊

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