Vacation Salvation/Resurrecting Fun



When our recent plan to return to Costa Rica for a much needed reprieve from a busy life and work was hijacked by a grumbling volcano there, I immediately felt devastated. I mean, I was already there in the lodge in my mind, sipping a Cuba Libre, the firepit blazing and teeming wildlife just beyond the rail that separated us from the cloud forest….ahhhh. What? Oh, yeah, the angry volcano Turrialba had been spitting out ash, unbeknownst to us, for about a month off and on and had escalated to devastating proportions by the time we finished the first leg of our journey, landing in Fort Lauderdale only to be told the flight was at first delayed, then cancelled altogether with no known rescheduled time available. 😱😮☹️😡😖😫😰😭😲😳😶🤔😏🙂

I do hope the icons show the appropriate range of emotions I experienced as I digested the news. On top of it all, Spirit airlines (you suck!) offered no help for us in getting redirected or even back to our origination point. We are not prone to letting grass grow under our feet so we got busy renting a vehicle to make our way back home. The ensuing five hours (or more) gave me plenty of time to mull things over. By the time we got home we were exhausted and hungry. Resolving to myself I was not going to be robbed of the relaxation getaway we both deserved I thought up an alternative plan. Nothing that required a lot of planning or arranging or even drive time, but that would effectively transport us away from the familiar.


What better place than America’s oldest colonized city? St Augustine is close, always welcoming and bustling; and with the holidays in our rearview mirror, things would not be so wild there. The Christmas lights were still up and made for a beautiful scene at night. Awhile back a friend of mine suggested we check out the Ponce de Leon Fountain of Youth Park which is located in the heart of the city but which transports you into historical St Augustine as you stroll the grounds with gorgeous peacocks and learn about the city’s rich history. There is a monastery, ancient burial site, a small planetarium and demonstrations on old world life there. There is The “Fountain of Youth” from which you can drink fresh spring water. No, we didn’t. I like feeling young but have no desire to revisit those days. 😉

To learn more about Ponce de Leon Fountain of Youth Park visit their website.

I wanted to share some of our fun and peaceful moments with you.


This little angel expresses very well my emotions over the last two days. Taking time to just be still and wait, you can begin to see the bright spots in an otherwise grim view.

The mock village site was so realistic and returned me to my vision for my novel. Don’t you think I could be visiting Mna and Fireann here Dan Antion ?


There were more than a dozen peacocks and they were not afraid of people. It was breathtaking to watch them. Have you ever seen white peacocks? They are gorgeous too!



And this one was preening and showing off for a mate!


I took so many photos! These are my favorites. Then we had a perfect sunset dinner overlooking the river before finding a hotel for the night. On the way we passed the town’s carousel and I just had to have a ride. Can’t kill that little girl in me that still loves the magic of a merry go round.



Hubby loved this airplane. I managed to catch it at just the right moment.


It was a great vacation, even though our plans had to be modified. Much like Dorothy I found some great things pretty much in my own back yard.

And our prayers go with those who were affected by the ensuing tragedy at the Fort Lauderdale airport, merely two days after we were there. It was such a needless tragedy.

27 thoughts on “Vacation Salvation/Resurrecting Fun

  1. Loved the pictures. I had my first peacock experience at the most unexpected place. It was at my mom’s funeral. The crematorium is known as the Tower of Silence and i is this huge space packed with landscape gardens and all that. I was crying in a private garden all alone and from nowhere this peacock walks in just inches away from me. I wipe my tears and look at him. He gives me a stare, doesn’t feel threatened so just walks around casually in the garden. I realized he was so captivating and beautiful that I had stopped crying and was focused on him. He then just disappears into the garden while I return to complete the funeral proceedings.


  2. I so glad you are ok.. and that you had a good time..
    Your photos are beautiful, the angel made me smile and the peacocks reminded me of my vacation in Corfu when i was little, there were so many back then ( my friends and i gathered any feathers we could find on the ground to make nice bouquets..) and to tell you the truth i have never seen a white one :))

    Have a nice start of the week Cheryl!


    1. Good morning and thanks for the good wishes. It has been a good time for me away from critical thinking. So glad you enjoyed the photos. I have not seen too many white oeacocks in my lifetime and photographing them well is challenging. These birds were very content amid the bustling going on around them. Good teachers for us to remain graceful in the midst of chaos. Where is Corfu, may I ask?


      1. It is one of the Ionian Islands on the west coast of Greece,not far from where i live,a really beautiful island full of greenery, crystal clear waters and delicious dishes..
        Have agood day dear 🙂


    1. Well the peacoscks are as real as they are magical and the merry go round was the icing on the cake for me. I am easily appeased…😀And delighted. Yes, serendipitous indeed.


  3. Well, talk about turning a grim situation into a fun one! Good for you! LOVED the peacocks …. man those are absolutely gorgeous birds! That Angel picture spoke volumes to me and lifted me as I find myself in a situation I wish I were not (again). Thank you from the bottom of my heart for posting this. I really enjoyed it! ❤


    1. It was so needless Deborah. Thank you. I feel for those who were affected. On a personal note I felt most uncomfortable in that airport. I hardly saw any active security and the travelers in general were most unpleasant. It was our first time there. It may have been just the Spirit airlines section though.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Southwest is great. I guess I’m showing my age but the flying experience is not nearly as pleasant as it used to be for me and I used to travel with four young children.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m glad you ended up in relative patadise, Cheryl. The peacocks are so beautiful. They’re certainly tropical by my definition (we’re watching 6-8″ of snow pile up).

    I can absolutely see you hanging with Mna and Fireann inside that hut or outside by the fire.

    I am also so glad you were nowhere near that airport yesterday. Senseless and tragic.

    I’m going to open a beer and toast to your spirit of adventure and your determination. Color me impressed.


    1. Awww thanks Dan. I am renewed and ready to face the work place again on Monday. Mission accomplished. PS I’ve been wanting to do good St Augustine tour for awhile now. We always just seem to scratch the surface. And there are more things we haven’t seen. Stay warm my friend.

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