On Bowling, Jesus and Rod Serling…

Hello friends and followers,

It has been a bit of off and on for me and writing as my work seems to be sucking most of my brain these days.  And then there are the holidays. I swear I don’t know how I did much of what I managed when my four children were younger. I guess I have to plead temporary insanity or something like it.  Today’s post was inspired my good blogging friend Dan Antion of No Facilities

Dan blogs about so many interesting things and you should check out his latest post, Christmas Traditions. He does a series called If We Were Having a Beer which is great. And, hey, I know the bartender so can get you a good drink. 😉

When I decided to jump back into some painting, I thought I would go easy and slip in with some little watercolor items.  I was inspired by another talented blogging friend Kate Powell.  Her blog has loads of beautiful art she has created along with her other projects. She and her husband have boundless energy and creative ventures.

When I did this little picture, simple and straightforward, I thought it would make a nice little bookmark. So I decided to finish it off with some jewelry, since that is my most recent passion.  Then of course I shared it with my friends for some feedback.


Someone liked it! They really liked it!

And he wanted to order two!  They would be specialized, of course, which is my favorite thing to do, whether it is baking a cake or making cookies, jewelry….I love to create something that will thrill someone or touch their hearts in a special way.  What were the themes to be?

  1.  Rod Serling, for the biography he would be giving as a Christmas gift
  2.  Something for his Mom.

“What does she like?”, I ask unwittingly.

“Bowling, gambling and Jesus, but not necessarily in that order,” was his reply.  I can somehow see him grinning a devious grin as he typed his response. lol  But it was plenty to work with so I decided to start with the challenging one first.  I mean Rod Serling-the possibilities were endless!

Bowling, gambling and Jesus.  Well, my creative, tenacious mind thought perhaps I could pull it off, I mean getting all that interest onto one bookmark, but how? My mind reeled!  Jesus bowling?  Hmmm….perhaps not.  A bowling ball with a cross on it?  Nahhhh…..likely been done.  I got it!  A slot machine called Bowling For Jesus.  (Okay don’t be offended all you serious Christians, because one thing I know is that God has a sense of humor. I mean just look at the Dodo. )   Jesus would be bowling for you.  Any strike gets you a thousand dollars, but bowling the Holy Trinity will get into the pearly gates!  How is that for genius? Ahhhh….guess not.

So I focused on the bowling aspect, always a favorite Friday night fun thing for me as a teen too, and decided to add the other interests into the jewelry end of things.  What do you think?  I hope she loves it. It was such fun to make and I am so happy my friend asked me to do this. I would love to do more! Any special requests?



Rod Serling?  Oh well…. here is how that one turned out.  I just didn’t have enough room for all of his accomplishments so stuck to the highlights.



Both bookmarks have textured backing.  Well that was my most fun Christmas project this year!

What about you, creatively speaking?  I would love to know what you have been up to.  Thanks again for allowing me to participate in your Christmas gift giving, my friend. It has been a pure pleasure!

44 thoughts on “On Bowling, Jesus and Rod Serling…

      1. I do too. He is so full of info. And humor. I resoect the Steeler enthusiasm. We bleed purple and gold around here. And the Saints, of course. Hubby is not a football fanatic. Prefers auto racing. I love that too so it works out. Been to the Inie 500 once. It was incredible.

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      2. I love the first round, as the cars come into the turn, building speed and then start the race. The sound was like a million bees buzzing and it swelled in my chest like a wave. It was pure exhilaration to experience.

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  1. Awesome bookmarks, they are really beautiful.. Merry Christmas Cheryl and wishes for health, love and peace of mind. Keep well and enjoy the holidays with your loved ones :))


  2. I like the paintings on bookmarks very much, Cheryl. It sounds like an amazing sturdy product which will be greatly appreciated by each of the receiving parties. They both are striking and could not say which one I like the best! Smiles, Robin
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year wished you. 🙂


  3. You tend bar, blog, paint and design jewelry…..good gosh, Cheryl! These are beautiful. The heck with reading the book–I’d be constantly looking at the bookmark.


      1. That sounds fun. At our age we were still sneaking Boones Farm in plastic cups or having my friend’s big Sis make us Starwberry back at he house. Lol It’s hard to find a good alley venue these days. They are all disco and nigt clubish in many places.

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  4. I am making wrist warmers – kinda stole the idea from last year’s Sundance catalog. I kinda invented my own. And yup, I’m givin’ them away. YOU DID GOOD on these bookmarks!


  5. First off, Dan never blogs on Tuesday so I thought I had my days mixed up. But, then he wanted to send me somewhere “tropical” so on this wicked cold day here I am. And, what a treat to see these wonderful bookmarks. I knew right away who your customer was because I’ve been handing around No Facilities too long. 🙂 Seeing that I’m Catholic, I am loving the one for his Mom. What I see in the jewelry piece is not only the crucifix but the big heart and the lock and key to heaven – surely that’s for heaven. 🙂 Do you have a contact page or an Etsy shop?


    1. Oh how kind of you Judy. So good to meet you and I appreciate Dan sending you over. That is definitely a universal key to the heart of its owner and the kingdom. 😉 I am not currently on Etsy. I have been posting my jewelry pieces on FB and Instagram. I am really glad you like them. I hope to do more custom designs. That is the most fun to do. Thank you for visiting my little piece of paradise.


      1. It looks like we’re in for warmer weather for a while, Cheryl, Highs in the low 40s and lows in the 20s. Maybe cold enough to keep some snow around for a white Christmas. I couldn’t share this on Facebook without ruining the surprise, but only my brother reads my blog, and he already knows.


      2. Oh thank goodness, I wouldn’t want any surprises ruined. We had a turn of light rain and cold, down to the low 50’s but due to be sunny and warming again, in the upper 70’s by Christmas Day. I know my boys will be glad. It was 6 degress where one of them is coming from! So glad you are getting a break.

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    1. Oh thanks Deborah. I really enjoyed creating them both in different ways. I grew up watching Twilight Zone so it warmed my heart to create a piece fashioned after it. The best part for me is combing the art and jewelry.

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  6. These bookmarks are beautiful, Cheryl. I think they are the perfect addition to the gifts, especially the book. I mean, what’s better than getting a book and a personal bookmark. I think the Bowling for Jesus would have worked. If my mom didn’t like it, it would still be funny (maybe funnier). Thanks so much for making them, and for the shout-out here today. Have a Very Merry Christmas! Oh, and you can have Saturday off from the bar 🙂


    1. Thanks so much Dan. It was my pleasure and so fun. Who kniws. Maybe I’ll do a soecial rendition of it. 😉Thanks for the day off. Think I’ll be having a few “tall ones” come Saturday. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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