The Nut Job/photography

I take long walks every chance I get. To breathe the air, feel the sun on my skin, and to look for beautiful and amazing things, great and small.

(I really love the small) 

I also believe that animals can teach us, that we learn through observing them and how they live. Especially when I am thoughtful or prayerful about something, I look for these messages. For me they always come in signs, whether from Mother Nature or her children.

This fellow at first appeared to be doing his regular routine. Pick a hickory nut, drop it on the ground ( they never eat them), or better yet pummel my rooftop with them. And, oh yeah, do it at five am or midnight because it makes a much greater impact during those hours.


As I got closer I noticed the little guy didn’t bolt and run like they normally do. I figured it was in “statue” mode, you know like if they are perfectly still they become invisible. Yeah, it’s a squirrel Superpower. Anyway, I looked politely away, giving it the chance to escape, but noooo…..It stayed frozen. I moved closer, thinking soon enough it would bolt.


But noooo. Stuck right there. I said goodbye and walked on down the street, around the circle and slowly made my way back. Guess who was still glued to the corner like a tiny rodent gargoyle? Yup. Same pose. I tried to ask what he was doing but he just stared at me. I snapped another photo before I left and wished him all the best. I also warned him not to drop that bomb on my roof.


He just stared, glassy eyed.

When I got home I showed the photo to my husband. He knows everything. Or at least knows something about everything or knows someone who knows everything,  and can always point me to answers about most things. He said, “He put something in his mouth that is too big and now it’s stuck.”

After much remorse for not trying harder to help the fellow I decided there was a a good message in there for me, for any of us, in fact.

“Be careful what you take on and don’t bite off more than you can chew”.

At best you will drop your prize and lose it anyway. At worst, you get stuck looking foolish with a nut stuck in your jaws. I sure hope he got it worked out.

Me? I moved on, had my own moment of ‘trial by food’ that afternoon. Instead of spending time lamenting the failed project, I dropped it and moved on. Oh!

and we saw the loveliest sunset…


I do hope your week is beautiful. Don’t allow yourself to become wound up in holiday madness. Enjoy the moments as they come for each one is the only one that matters.


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