Ever see things that are seemingly inexplicable, things you might merely glimpse before looking away as your mind vaguely wonders    why?

Why is it there?

How did this happen?



I decided to start snapping photos of these moments and share them here or there.

I’ll call these posts “Random”.

Surely there must be a story here. What do you think?

14 thoughts on “Random

      1. Most of that stopped here with the big cleanup campaign in the 60’s. But I have seen a slow return of careless littering. Many people don’t consider it littering to toss out a cigarette butt!


    1. Thanks. Im hoping to remember my idea in the coming days. I see so much stuff out there. I do always wonder…
      Like, did she toss it out in a fit of anger or did someone else do it to torment her? Was she drunk? Chenged her mind about liking the sandals? Whaaaat? Lol

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What do you think?

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