Sweet Refuge/#Thursday Doors

Well it’s been a couple of weeks since my first ever Thursday Doors post, a great idea hosted by Norm 2.0   You can find his latest post and link to share your own on his site.

When Hurricane Matthew showed up to herald the beginning of Autumn and send us unceremoniously in search of refuge, we had no idea it would be an absolutely beautiful weekend in Orange Beach, AL. While we watched weather reports and prayed for everyone’s safety back home, we relaxed to enjoy the beautiful gulf and the chance to experience a place that is legendary for anyone living in a Southern state without beaches of their own to enjoy.

The first door I’m sharing led to several days’ worth of lovely sunrises and gorgeous ocean views. All I had to do was drop my feet onto the floor and pull the curtains back.



We took several long beach walks and tried not to imagine the winds and rain beating against our little home back in central Florida.


It has always been the little things which keep me encouraged in life.

One of the fun things we did besides sun and sand was to visit Flora Bama, the most famous hot spot in Orange Beach/Perdido Key. We happily trotted through the front door!


We were there before dark and it was pretty quiet;  but we really enjoyed the views as well as live music and the unique quirkiness of the bar that everyone loves.

(No, I didn’t leave a bra….well….if you must know, because I wasn’t wearing one.) 😏



This door led out from the upstairs bar onto a balcony and another bar area.

There were so many unique things about the place but I am trying to stick to doors for now…

This door made me think of you Dan Antion.

img_7329Looks promising yes?img_7335


What else to do after such larger than life inspiration than to actually have a Yuengling? (I have ignored the political implications in favor of flavor)

Still, the most impressive door of all led into a wonderland of possibility, alcoholically speaking at least. This “liquor central”  houses all the liquor supply which is dispensed in metered amounts through tubing to each bar area. I got a little misty-eyed looking at the whiskey selection. I had to give Mr Jameson a wink.



WHAT a door right?!



It was a great time and I had to leave my mark, my little bit of “I was here” , just in case I don’t make it back.




And the sun set on our little evacuvacation in the most magnificent way…..



If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then surely the heart is the door….best to leave it open. 😀

20 thoughts on “Sweet Refuge/#Thursday Doors

  1. Ah, great post. Yuengling beer is one of my favorites. My Japanese friends introduced me to it. It’s great and what a terrific picture of the bar! Whoa! Thanks a ton.


  2. There is so much about this I don’t know where to begin. First, the title juxtaposed with the top image cracked me up… Sweet Refuge being a ton of booze! I love the t=stories about the bar and the images are great! I have a feeling that we’d be great travel mates — m and i and the two of you. Huggs.


    1. That sounds about right Kate. If you like lolling along often with no real agenda, but always ready to take a side road for the world’s best beef jerky or largest ball of rubber bands! Lol


  3. If I was a woman I wouldn’t leave a bra either, the darn things are too expensive to be leaving around as souvenirs 😉
    Great closing sunset shot! Glad you could join us this week 🙂


  4. Thanks for the shout, Cheryl. If be happy to walk through that door. The door to the whiskey is pretty cool too. And that sunset is beautiful. Truly a doorway to paradise. I’m really glad you still had a home to return to. I don’t think I’ll try carving my initials st my bar (or leaving a bra for that matter).


    1. Well Big sigh of relief here for the no bra left behind on your part. 😂 The caeving/writing is a big thing there as all the outside and railings are rustic with literally bundreds of “autographs” and whiskey wisdom. We were ver thankful to have a home to return to.

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