12 thoughts on “Got to Keep on Dancin’…..

  1. Loved the pictures. Sarah actually had a pet she told me during her childhood days. When I first saw a squirrel I was a bit petrified by the way they were running around. I was like – guys don’t dash into me. I was strolling in a park then.


    1. Thanks. Im glad you liked the pics. Well, squirrels are just fancy rodents but then my son once had a pet rat. 😱 So many people feed them in the parks here they can be quote friendly and also aggressive if you are carrying anything that resembls food. In a couple of parks I can talk then out of trees with a coaxing voice. Still they are cute. I had a Sugarglider once as a pet.


      1. This reminds me of my honeymoon situation. I and Sarah bought strawberries and we were walking in a park and this female monkey jumped out from nowhere aggressively to get those strawberries in my hand. I was so scared I threw the packet at her which she hurriedly took it and went up the tree and fed to her babies. Sarah was laughing at me so hard, I guess it was the first time she saw the piss-in-my-pants expression on my face.


      1. Doesn’t it really look like he’s got boogie in his toes? I just couldn’t help myself. I took a long walk this morning and they were all in rare form. I got quite a few “almost” shots. One was grooming its tail, another burying a hickory nut. I love their “play possum” routine. Lol

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