Small Matters\#SoCS

For awhile now I have enjoyed the Linda Hill SoCS posts by my blogging friends but hadn’t, as of yet, been able to join the prompt parade. This will be my very first submission to the stream and I am really excited to be posting along with other blogging friends. I first heard about Linda’s blog from Dan Antion. Dan writes on his blog about all things practical, philosophical and questionable. And he is a great photographer too!

Linda’s prompt for today is -est.

I would love to introduce you to the smallest recycling friend I have ever made. The tenacity of the crusty industrialist just goes to show that all things can be reused.


This little hermit, smaller than a walnut, marched proudly in front of me on the Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica beach, no doubt showing off its nouveau styled home in front of all the other crabs. I was at once saddened by the thought of litter on a beach in that country where recycle bins and trash cans are located on nearly every corner. That sorrow was quickly replaced by a humble admiration for my little friend. We should be ashamed that Mother Nature tenaciously works to conserve all of life while we, as humans, continue to take her gifts for granted.

I do not fear for Earth’s survival. I do, however, have serious doubts about that of humankind if we don’t all make a collective effort to conserve, recycle and reuse.

Hats off to the smallest of Mother Earth’s stewards. 👏🏻


11 thoughts on “Small Matters\#SoCS

  1. I get the same feeling when I see people littering around. I respect the Elements of the planet because that is what I have been taught. I also believe that Nature has it’s own way to work things up. Humans can modify things, but eventually, Mother Nature has the upper hand and no piece of man-made technology can stand its force. I have many examples in India where men tried to modify nature, but it only resulted in human deaths and catastrophes and Mother Nature is back to her original place.


  2. Great catch! He is so adorable with his fancy, see-through home.
    And you’re right… earth will continue, humans? Maybe not.


  3. You are so very correct, Cheryl. The Earth will survive. Our mission isn’t to “save the planet” it’s to help the planet maintain an environment in which humans can live. I’m just imagining a collective happy dance by all the remaining creatures after we’ve ruined this place for us.

    Welcome to #SoCS, to you and your little buddy.

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    1. Haha! You are so right Dan. Our idea of master and commander of the Mothership of Earth is the greatest folly of mankind. But….that is another post. 😉 Thanks and so glad you liked the post. See you at the bar?

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