Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon


In the blink of an eye


Like a wink in the sky


You rise to magnificent height…


Night whispers soft, its fingers brush


Your glowing cheek to the peak of blush-


How you feign innocence!


But innocent not

is your wicked plot

to plunder our lives

and topple our pots.

We gnash our teeth

 and wring our hands,

as moments pass-

the golden sands

through the hourglass.

Willing, we wait for a precious glimpse

into your temptress heart-

Inspiring, desiring

to fly, to sigh-

and why?

You are to blame for all insane;

So,  I stripping naked my body

and soul, accept the gifts you offer.


May we emerge anew as the shadows recede,

for Autumn’s embrace cometh soon-

unable to resist the bewitching charms

of his mistress,

The Harvest Moon.

Please enjoy the beautiful images and music shared by my dear friends Leon and Plutonia and find more beautiful work here:


Cheryl KP 2016


30 thoughts on “Harvest Moon

  1. Loved it. I would like to take this opportunity to share one of the dialogs from an Indian movie called Lakshya. Two army men are discussing on war in the night. One says God blessed us with one Earth, but look what we’ve done. We’ve divided into several pieces. The other says, yeah true, but I am glad that at least the moon is out of the earth, or we would have divided it as well. It’s far away from the human grasp, but at least we all share it peacefully.


      1. You’re welcome. It’s a sort of coming of age story with war as a backdrop. A confused wealthy college kid with no goals in life chooses army as his career and how his decisions turn him into a completely different man. The movie name is Lakshya pronounced as Luck-sh and it means Goal.


      2. Well the best thing about Netflix ix that once you watch a few movies with a commonality, it adds new films in under the same genre. I actually have a new category called Movies from India. 😀

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      3. That’s good, but the tough question for you is – Does the list have only Hindi movies or other languages as well? Like Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, Rajasthani, Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Bihari, Bengali and so on.


      4. Yeah, because I usually watch Hindi and Marathi movies. India has so many languages that even Indians don’t understand and speak all languages. Every state has its own language and every state has multiple dialects, so even when I roam in my own state I hear multiple dialects of the same language which at times can be frustrating.


      5. Yeah. Sometimes I watch Indian movies with a subtitle. I only understand, write and speak 3 Indian languages. Hindi (widely used across the nation), Marathi (state language) and Gujarati (native language/mother tongue/ first language…whatever its called). I understand Punjabi, Rajasthani, Bhojpuri and Bihari to some extent. Surprisingly, I don’t understand a word of Tamil, but I can still sing a couple of Tamil songs fluently.


    1. Thanks Kate. I know poetry isn’t your favorite. I never contrive my words. They just sort of find their way out. I would love to know about your special feelings for the moon. I look forward to reading that when you feel it is time.


    1. Thanks Deborah. I lok back and wonder how I did it. I don’t talk about it a lot because many people judge. But my boys grew up knowing both their parents well and came to their own conclusions about our differences. Still….I miss every miment that they weren’t with me. They are all beautiful young men and love one another and “all” their parents. My current husband and I have a son as well. I always fell he was the ‘glue’ tht held us all in place. It was truly sadder for him to lose 3 brothers every other year than for them to leave all together. I don’t recall him ever saying a harsh word about any othem, even if they tortured him! Thank you for your kind thoughts and words. That is such a precious movie.

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    1. No more weird than me thinking she is Clarissa. Thanks. I feel they could have been sharper with a tripod. But I am also fighting the mosquitos while shooting. So glad you liked them. I also too a few at day break the next morning as she was slinking away….

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  2. Beautiful photos Cheryl and I love your interpretation. I see this moon when I take Maddie out and I think about how lucky I am to be seeing it. I have tried on numerous occasions to get some nice photos, but I haven’t had much luck. Thanks for sharing yours 🙂


    1. Thanks Dan. I am envious of others who get really great photos. T does require careful settings and I am normally running out at the last minute in a mnice rush to get a few. The moon always intrigues me. I find it the most constant thing we all, as living beings, are able to share.

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      1. Well, sadly enough, when my three older children were young and their father and I divorced, he lived 1500 miles away and our shared custody was a year each with alternating holidays. My middle child at that time was four. He loved the movie An American Tail about Fivel the mouse. We would talk every weekend and end our conversation by singing “Somewhere Out There” from the movie. It always started, “Somewhere out there, beneath the pale moonlight, someone’s thinking of me and loving me tonight.” The line “It’s nice to know we’re sleeping underneath the same big skyyyy.” was what kept me from falling apart. And we would look at the moon together. My children learned how to treasure moments together.

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