She’s Coming…..

Central Park aug 2016 CkP photos 019.NEF

The season’s storms may howl in protest,

shaking their fists against the marching

of time.

Central Park aug 2016 CkP photos 020.NEF

But onward it goes

as the tides ebb and flow,

and courting the damsel

whose fingers grow cold.

Central Park aug 2016 CkP photos 018.NEF

Hold onto your hat my friend,

for she tiptoes round the bend….

Central Park aug 2016 CkP photos 009.NEF

The Lady in Red

slips into bed

with fading Summer.

Seduces him so

that he eagerly lets go…

“Be kind,” whispers he

and ceases to be.

Can you feel the air becoming clear,

as her lovely Grace tiptoes ever near?


(and get out the sweaters)

Central Park aug 2016 CkP photos 017.NEF

Fair Autumn is coming!!

Cheryl KP


21 thoughts on “She’s Coming…..

    1. Thank you. I am fascinted by the kaleidoscope of true Autumn, though we didn’t experience the full range of this in Louisiana. I do love the reds and yellows though. Beuaty in transformation. 😊

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  1. What a lovely poem. Thank you for sharing. I loved most the line where Summer whispers, “Be kind.” Perfect!

    Of course, he wasn’t so kind–bugger! But that’s okay. We always have a soft spot for the passing season. But oh, how I love Autumn. You know, coming out of the heat of summer into a cold room is fine…of course it is. BUT coming out of the chill into a warm room with a small fire in the fireplace and coffee steaming…it just doesn’t get much better. So thanks again. Your poem brought a smile to my face. 🙂


  2. We’ve had a couple of cooler days that reminded me autumn is on the way. Summer is not giving up though as the temps are supposed to climb into the 80’s this weekend and stay that way for a few days. Must make the most of it…


  3. Wool sweater, and tall boots will soon be what I’m wearing, but, oh how I dread the shorter days! I wish we had Autumn with longer days. We change the clocks here in Calif. I wish we didn’t!

    I loved your poem!


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