Ode to Moonlight/Poetry/Photography

moon and turtles aug 2016 019

Ode to Moonlight

Moon, Moon

brilliantly bright,

lighting the corners of my

heart tonight.

The warmth of your fingers

caressing my soul

melts my resolve-

I forget the role

I am forced to play

in the light of day.

I resist!

Memory is fatal to forgetting

the path in favor of regretting-

But oh so sweet a thought,

the tender hope of what was naught

but imagining.

The twinkling spark in passion’s eye

was but a teasing dreamer’s lie.

As you, dear Moon, do taunt

and chide

the crouching, eager nymph inside.

She longs to fly!

Oh why

the passion thus be bound as

longing of the heart confounds

the senses.

Retreat oh Temptress,

in shadow stay

as morning sun comes out to play.

And I, return, against my will

to sit upon the windowsill

in supplication,



take up my station-


Cheryl KP

copyright 2016

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