Letting Go

Float on august 2016 048.NEF

Thinking on life and and the strange turns it takes,

often seeming to target good and innocent people,

makes one pause to think about what we deem important,

why we seem to forever be struggling against the tides of life’s flow.

If we stop trying to grasp the moments in desperation and breathe in the scent of possibility, release our expectation and disappointment…

Float on august 2016 040.NEF

We can turn and face the shadows that we have feared so long and realize the completion that comes from embracing every part of ourselves.

Float on august 2016 026.NEF

It is then that the path leads to brighter destinies, the way becomes clear and our steps are slower and lighter,

the future brighter than ever we thought possible.

Float on august 2016 027.NEF

“To see the world in a grain of sand and eternity in an hour”

~William Blake~

Float on august 2016 041.NEF

To find that drifting with the tide is not going to drown us, but rather bring comfort as

the gentle rocking of Mother Earth cradles us in her arms.Β  We can then accept the love, the gifts, that life has been trying to offer.

Float on august 2016 063.NEF

Then, drying our wings, we take to the skies and soar to the heights we always imagined.

Don’t give up when it is so much easier to give in……

11 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. I really loved the way you have woven the words to create this positive message. A great tribute to all those people who are struggling to return to their home and lead a normal life as they did before the flooding. A similar story is happening in north India right now as I type this as few states experienced heavy rains and 3 million people have already lost their homes in just a week. I seriously don’t have words to type anything further.


  2. Beautiful photos, and even more beautiful sentiments. We all need to let go of past hurts and disappointments, and turn our faces to a sunny tomorrow filled with hope.
    I love the ocean, and visit every chance I get; it soothes my soul.


    1. Thanks Mary. I honestly felt a bit guilty enjoying so much sunshine when my friends and family are struggling. But I try to send positive energy and thoughts their way through what I am experiencing. WE need rain and they need a bit of our brutal dry spell. Have a great weekend.

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  3. Thank you for sharing your positive outlook with us Cheryl. It’s so hard, but so important to keep faith in times like this. Beautiful and amazingly appropriate photos, as always.


    1. Thank you Dan. It really is a tribute to all those stoic people who have been through the wringer over the last 2 weeks. First, driven from their homes without really knowing how bad the flodding would be and then, grateful to return hone to a house still standing, only to find that it may stull be irrepairable and losing their tresured memories bit by bit. I can only imagine the frustration, pain and resolve necessary to move forward. My Dad and stepmother have a very healthy put
      Ook and re going with the flow in spite of the challenges. My heary breaks for everyine.

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