In less than a week, the most devasting flooding in decades has overtaken the beloved city of my youth. And I have seen hardly a news report about it. Thousands will lose their homes, their memories, yet will be thankful to be left with their families alive, filled with gratitude for their friends and a new tomorrow to rebuild from the rubble. While I live away from home now, my heart aches for family and friends there who struggle with the truth staring them in the face. And I wonder where the compassion of the world at large has disappeared to. Is the apathy because this storm bore no name to fame it? Now being labeled a worse disaster than hurricane Katrina, the cruel hand of devastation has once more left its fingerprint on the Southland. Pray for Louisiana. Pray for its humanity.




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21 thoughts on “Forgotten/Louisiana

  1. Still thinking of everyone affected. After the carpets have been replaced, after the camera’s have gone, after the rebuild starts and the eyes of the world move on – that’s when you need more love and strength. Throwing it stateside!


    1. Thank you Roly. Many had to start over completely. No slavagung would help. My father and stepmother are still with relatives, waiting for all the red tape to get themselves into their new little home. It was so devastating.


  2. The devastation is awful. I heard a very brief report on this, this morning on the news, followed by fives times the amount of coverage on a political speech yesterday where nothing was said. We’re keeping your family and friends in our thoughts and prayers.


  3. Floods devastate communities. I am so sorry that yet another has ravaged a one you love. My home city and county was torn apart by terrible floods last December for the second time in a decade. Homes still stand empty, businesses closed and bridges still have to be rebuilt. Yet the resilience of those affected and the kindness of strangers are the stories that rise above the loss and heartache as people, once again, pick themselves up and carry on living. I pray Louisiana will find the strength and will to rise from this.


    1. They always do Julia. You know the first thing that came to mind when this started were the photos you and others shared of what was happening there. In India the monsoons wreak havoc yearly as well. I am sorry for the great losses suffered by those in your home as well.

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      1. As I read this, once again, flash floods have caused heartache for many in this part of the world. It is a global issue.


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