Mama? An Orphan Story….

Well, I had every intention of posting more about our adventures in Costa Rica; but I thought as we head into the weekend I would, instead, share a simple, old fashioned ‘just to make you smile‘ story.

When we lived in Baton Rouge two years ago, we had very nice neighbors who had their grandchildren with them often.  One afternoon as I came back from a walk, their daughter was in front of the house and her father, our neighbor, stepped over to ask if I wanted to see the baby raccoons she had with her.

Now, there are many areas in Louisiana that are bordered by woods and the wildlife there, much like in so many other places, has been driven from its natural living and breeding habitat and into the land of humans. Raccoon families are commonplace and they can wreak havoc in a back yard or trash containment area.

Apparently, on this occasion, the mother and babies had been spotted once or twice roaming around right after they were born;  but eventually something happened to the mother and she left her young ones on the doorstep of our neighbor’s daughter.  Although there was no note, it was obvious she wanted someone to care for them.





Our friend’s granddaughter had been helping to care for them while her own mother contacted local animal organizations and veterinarians as to what should be done to help the little ones to survive and be returned to their natural homes.



Well, as with so many animals, a young one will soon attach itself to a caregiver, seeing them as the only mother they have.  This little one was very much attached to our neighbor’s granddaughter and followed her around like a new puppy, crying, “Mama, mama” or its raccoon-y version of it.


And this darling was not going to be ignored.


I was thrilled when they asked if I wanted to hold one.  It was wrapped in a towel because those claws are lethal, even on an infant.  And they will bite. Animal experts do not advise interfering with wild animals unless absolutely necessary.  If at all possible, contacting your local animal protection agency is the best way to begin.  Often they are not equipped to handle wild animals but there is always a wildlife organization that is dedicated to preserving and helping wild animals.


Still, it was adorable, and the moment was a wonderful photo opportunity.


Smile for the camera Rocky…….


Amazing nature……saved to come back and dig in our garbage another time!  Haha!

17 thoughts on “Mama? An Orphan Story….

  1. They are awfully cute when they are little. One time as a was walking out to the shed, I saw mama coon running off. I was wondering where her babies were when all of a sudden I was set upon by all six of them as they ran out of the bamboo and started climbing up my pants legs, chirping and carrying on. I gently shook them off and they scattered to different spots in the open shed, grill and bamboo. Mama coon came back around a little later and gathered them up.


  2. They are adorable. We reunited babies with their mom in our back yard, many years ago. Those teeth are sharp. When I was about 8, I was playing with a baby and he bit me.


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