34 thoughts on “Kiss Me Goodbye

  1. AW! That’s so cute! Great eye and image Cheryl!

    We’ve got a blue belly lizard living under our air conditioning unit in the back yard. I always get a kick out of seeing it sunning itself on my garden bed wall. Sadly, I don’t think he or she has a mate.

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    1. Thanks Dan. I just don’t get why so many people can’t see it! πŸ€”
      They are kind of distressed right now though. We pulled up all the dying vegetable plants, stakes and all. That was sort of their playground. We hope to soon have some more bushes or plants in their place so they will have a new wonderland to explore. Oh, and there may be a Florida black snake living under my house.Hubby saw it “passing through” the bed the other day but had disappeared before I go there with my camera. Darn. πŸ˜•

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      1. I hope these guys get their playground back. I wouldn’t be upset if you missed taking photos of the snake. I could do without that πŸ™‚


      2. Sadly, I also have photographed the little guys being gobbled by Egret, snake and even an attempt by a young cardinal. Now you know why they are reproducing all the time! 😳

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      3. I can be far away from them Dan although if they aren’t poisenous, I have a healthy respect for their presence and the reduction of possible rodents. Now those spiders…..you can’t convince me of their benefit excpet the lovely orb spinners in my garden.

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