Dobby For President


I’ m writing in my own candidate. Why not Dobby?

Kind, loyal, fearless, tenacious, compassionate, with a connection to the indentured, he will fight to the death for what is right. A house elf with heart….and unrestricted magical powers! So…toss your sock in the hat and thumb your nose at the Deatheaters. Own your power. And smile…..

22 thoughts on “Dobby For President

      1. Party politics is failing or has failed. Creating more divisions and terror in a world that has seen too much of those and is in dire need of healing. Thinking about this world fills me with despair. You told me to write happy endings. I overthink/overanalyze human relations. I don’t see a solution.


      2. It is difficult to see the good that exists when the only things which bring ratings, reactions or attention is the drakness that is rising insidiously all around. But there is good and I won’t give up, even if I am the last light glowing…

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      3. There’s a saying in my mother tongue to the effect that if you don’t fill the cracks sooner, someday you’ll have to build the entire wall.
        The cracks within the human society are too shredded, beyond repair. None of the leaders in this world can bring peace and healing to humanity. The system of governance is cultivated on our divisions, disunity, and distrust for one another. It’s always a case of “us against them or them against us”, and so we end up divided and bitter. In developing countries it’s even worse and will more often than not lead to bloodshed. The system preys on our worst fears. Politicians cannot save this world.


      4. It feels like society is devolving back to barbarism. Even people with a cause confound me. Is it truly the cause for which they become so vehement or is it the rush of vehemence that makes the cause so appealing? Not true for all but for many I fear. I don’t like the term “fighting for..” Anything. Working for, striving for, even praying for. Fighting for something never ends well….

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      5. I am afraid it is the love of fighting which keeps conflict alive in the first place. It is an addiction. Most extreme emotions can be. Sex, violence, religious fanaticism, self righteousness, even depression for some.


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