The bearded one who lives in my yard,

Β silent sentinel standing guard

never asks for compense

in dollars and cents,

but a mere breath to share

in the whisper of air

between he

and me.

Cheryl KP

copyright 2016

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29 thoughts on “Old/photography

      1. I understand. I have not been doing as much lately due to work. I am also changing jobs so it will be very hectic in a couple of weeks.


  1. Such an iconic image of the South of America. I’ve never been, have only ever seen ‘the bearded one’ in films and photographs, yet when I see an image, such as yours, I can almost feel what it’s like to be there.


    1. Oh I do hope you get to visit someday Julia. There is a richness in the South, something that stirs the heart. My favorite park has a 2 thousand year old oak. I love to touch the bark and feel its energy. Jusy imagine the wonders, horrors and life it has seen! So glad you enjoy the photos. Have a lovely weekend and hope you feel well.

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