For Love of Earth/Photography

hawks in june 2016 copyright ckp 042.NEF

What has happened to your world,


Darkness in their hearts unfurled,


 Can they not see

the majesty

of your Creation?

butterfly garden june 10 2016 108.NEF

Life is not for winning

a world  slowly spinning

whether we live or die.

Alone we are born and the same we depart,

such destiny ruled by the beat of a heart.

More same than they see

as they cut every tree,

dam up every sea

and look beyond me.

hawks in june 2016 copyright ckp 038.NEF

Forgive them as they make a mess

then turn to heaven in distress,

forgetting the vow

that all must bow

before the Thought of


not in supplication

but reverent appreciation

with Love for the All That Is.

hawks in june 2016 copyright ckp 012.NEF

Cheryl KP

2016 copyright words and photos

17 thoughts on “For Love of Earth/Photography

  1. “What has happened to your world?”
    “The world continues spinning whether we live or die.”

    Same things I have pondered about. The things happening to our world. Sorrowful to watch. Mournful.

    As certain musicians asked: “Where is the love?”


    1. Cheryl, I have wondered. There is a conception that the world is filling up with too much self-love. Selfishness. Individualism.

      But is there such a thing as self-love? Because, if I love myself, shouldn’t I also love other people and the environment, so that they do not harm me? Surely, if I love myself and wishes to be happy, then I must live in a , healthy, loving world. But it goes that those who are said to love themselves tend to be overcome with greed, selfishness, and lack of care for the rest of humanity, which in turn ends up hurting everyone, including them. It beats me. Is there such a thing as self-love? Isn’t it only self-loathing?


      1. I have thought often about these phrases and meaning. Self love is that elusive thing which we seem seldom able to accomplish. Yes, if we truly loved and accepted ourselves without judgment it would follow that loving others unconditionally would be easy. It is self absorption and self-ish behavior that is so destructive and what I believe is mistaken for self love. As always seems to happen when we try to correct poor emotional habits, we go from one extreme to another. Just like trying to be less brutal in child rearing and abolishing abuse, today’s young parent is afraid to set boundaries, meter any kind of punishment or “upset” their children, as though they are delicate flowers and not budding human beings in need of direction. I think there is much more which my friend the hawk could say about its observations but is too gracious to go there.😏

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      2. Today’s parenting is outstandingly bad. I saw this kid at the supermarket. About 7 years old. He wanted something his mother couldn’t get him, so, in violent rage and tantrums, he attacked one of the shelves and began hurling the contents about, scattering them on the floor. Some of them struck other customers. He was screaming as loud as he could, a shrill scream, while flinging those goods down.
        And his mother seemed powerless to deal with him.


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