7 thoughts on “Hawk/Photography

      1. I agree Cheryl, I know it sounds like a dream my wish would be just ONE day of world peace, where we all stood back and appreciated each other, you have a great blog so interesting x x x


  1. Cheryl, I have been watching animal videos from National Geographic. I have downloaded so many of them. Every time I watch one, I have to ask myself why we humans think we’re more intelligent. How was that conclusion even arrived at, so that we even call the people we despise by animal names? Animals are so efficient, so acute, and so well adapted. Animal instincts transcend those of humankind. The photo you posted of the osprey, it reminded me of so much. The smallest, tiniest animal has enough skills to survive and continue its species forever, or until such a time that humans “discover” it and cause it to extinct. Yet we humans just founder and blunder, and destroy, talking about how we are learning, while animals seem to have everything inbuilt from start. Even ants build civilizations.
    Anyway, these are just things I have thought about.


    1. Thanks Peter. I knew what you meant. I agree. I have thought many similar things about the arrogance of humans, even as to our attitude towards extra terrestrial life. We scream on about terrorism and victimization while many humans would do exactly that to anything perceived as a threat, even just something not yet understood. And I could only classify what was done to the indigenous peoples of this world as terrorism. The North American native peoples were methodically and meticulously culled out in an attempt to eradicate them. But there were, even then, Light workers who fought to help their fellow humans. It is the best we can do in this life. Animals, yes, are a perfect wonder. They live to live. But I feel their joy in life even as I focus my lens on them. That is where I find true peace.

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