The Big Catch/Nature Photography

osprey fish and strawberry moon june 2016 017.NEF

Driving through the city to shop on Father’s Day, one does not expect to see sights like this ordinarily. But we live in an extraordinary place, where many wonderful sights present themselves every day.

osprey fish and strawberry moon june 2016 024.NEF

The osprey is a master of fishing with the ability to dive into water for its prize and to catch and carry fish ranging from 5.3-10.6 oz and about 9.8-13.8 inches in length; and any fish within that range can be taken.  Their vision is well adapted to detect underwater objects from the air. This raptor first sees its prey at about 33-131 ft above the water and hovers momentarily before plunging feet first into the water to snag its meal.

Osprey feed primarily on fish but may also consume rodents, rabbits, amphibians, other birds and small reptiles.  There is so much more to share about this marvelous member of the raptor family but for now I think I will allow him to enjoy his lunch in peace.  Besides, I do believe he has heard the clicking of my camera…….

osprey fish and strawberry moon june 2016 023.NEF

Nothing goes to waste.  Never think this great hunter is too preoccupied to be aware of what goes on around it. The golden eye is ever watching….

osprey fish and strawberry moon june 2016 028.NEF

And don’t even think of going near its feast!!!

From my ‘gotta’ love Florida’ files….I see so many amazing miracles every day.

Marvelous Nature, magnificent Earth.

17 thoughts on “The Big Catch/Nature Photography

  1. Excellent captures! I miss seeing the osprey when I lived down there. Supposedly, there are some up here, but they are very elusive.


      1. There is, but I don’t think it affects them. There are a great many Lakes and waterways for them to nest. We have loads of eagles and other birds of prey. But then again, our winters suuuuck! Maybe they just like the warm weather down there! 🌞


      2. I’m sure they do. Our Winters are fairly short lived and rarely a hard freeze. I love Autumn because I get to see and photograph so many migratory birds. The state erects tall poles with platforms for the nesting birds of prey. You see them all along the highways. Did you see the post about the baby osprey that was on my roof? It was an incredible moment for me. I didn’t include the video which I wish I had. It was a ‘take your breath away’ moment for me most surely!

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      3. I was a bit behind on your blog there, but I caught up now 😉
        What a wonderful Osprey experience!


  2. Those are beautiful photos, Cheryl. Great captures, but that last one is precious. His facial expression makes me think of a Muppet. I’ll be thinking about a caption for quite some time 🙂


      1. I still remember seeing them swooping for fish as though it was a couple of days, rather than decades, ago.


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