When you look at me….

butterfly garden june 10 2016 100.NEF

what do you see

as I peer from behind the veil of impression?

butterfly garden june 10 2016 088.NEF

Am I beauty-

or the beast?

Am I the solace

that you seek?

butterfly garden june 10 2016 103.NEF

Deem you that I

am perfection?

Look again,

for I change direction!

butterfly garden june 10 2016 094.NEF

I am broken,

battered, torn-

and my resolve

most sorely worn

by time.

butterfly garden june 10 2016 087.NEF

With every turn

the truth revealed,

like layers of

an onion peeled.


Without the color,

delicate hue-

in yellow, brown

and brilliant blue.

Simple me,

ready for flight,


shining golden in

the light.


butterfly garden june 10 2016 106.NEF

See the me

without ideal,

not what you want

but what is real.

Life of wonder,

heart of hope….

miraculous kaleidoscope!

Cheryl KP

copyright 2016


17 thoughts on “Kaleidoscope

      1. Yes indeed they are so pretty. I often chase them here. I keep a note of them. We have these hibiscus flowers in the garden below and I see this particular butterfly black and blue in color always visits the garden at around 11 am, but she is too quick hoping from flower to flower.


      2. They can be very flighty. In this enclosed garden they are sometimes flighty but often very calm and there is even a room where you can dip your fingers in nectar and nudge them onto it. It really brings calm to my spirit being close and watching them move.

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