Passion Flies/Photography

Please enjoy what might be my favorite musical score from a film in recent years as you meet my amorous friends. Β  The wonderful magic of Ed Harcourt from Like Sunday Like Rain

Passion Flies

butterfly garden june 10 2016 117.NEF


Are you watching?

Can you see the me that hungers

for you?

butterfly garden june 10 2016 113.NEF

Shall we dance with abandon,

drinking life’s bittersweet

nectar till we can hold

no more?

sally visit june 2016 077.NEF

Lying languid in the shadows,

lips wet with love’s

intoxicating dew

sally visit june 2016 078.NEF

breathing, sighing,

willpower dying

in the throes of desire.

sally visit june 2016 079.NEF

endless, defining,

these moments branded

onto our hot skin,

burning through our veins

and slipping into the

dark recesses of


sally visit june 2016 080.NEF

loving till there seems no more,

blissful agony as none before,

wanting it to end

and never end!

sally visit june 2016 139.NEF

for end it must

with satiated lust

we lie spent,


sally visit june 2016 138.NEF

heart to heart,

soul to soul,

friend to friend,


to end.

butterfly garden june 10 2016 126.NEF

Cheryl Kp

copyright 2016

12 thoughts on “Passion Flies/Photography

    1. Thanks Julia. I keep coming back to this movie and its soundtrack, but have not found any copy of the soundtrack for sale. There is only the dvd for the film. It is great but I would live to have the music in my collection. It just carries me…


      1. I haven’t seen the film, but have googled it and it seems like something I’d like to watch. I’m with you on soundtracks – they can transport you somewhere else.


      2. It is a surprsingly sweet and tender film with enough humor to keep it interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Let me know what you think when you to see it. Oh Some of my friends and I agree with the sentiment that if we walked around our lives with a soundtrack in the background, our entire experience could be so different! πŸ˜€

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