She Wept


She Wept

For rivers

she had cried in vain,

a splash on canvas,

human stain

grows larger.

For hope and

longing through

the years,

a heart exposed,

a single tear’s


For all that would

or would not be

with light through

darkness, look

and see-

she sang and cried,

she lived and died

a thousand times!

Not counting what she might have lost,

no measure what devotion cost.

The red she bled

consumed the blue,

the tears that fell,

she wept for you.

Cheryl KP

copyright 2016

16 thoughts on “She Wept

    1. Hi Dan. Thanks. I’m glad you liked this one. I took it with my phone again just before my bike ride. I wasn’t sure how the reflection would end up but I thought it was quite nice with the other flowers reflected. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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      1. Research eh? I am about to go conduct some of my own. Hopefully I’ll find a burger to help me think better. I had a quick ride early on. I have been getting my house reorganized, clutter cleared and cleaned for my friend’s visit in a couple of weeks. So excited. I haven’t seen her in two years! 👏🏻 You will be sharing photos of the renovation progress right? 😉

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  1. I read all the way through. That is huge for me with poetry — I am often bored with it, honestly, though I love haiku. Provoked emotion quickly, perhaps why many poets lose me in metphor.


    1. Wow. I’m honored you made it all the way through this one then Katie. 😊 I agree about a lot of poetry though. Much of it goes on too long. Haiku, done right, is marvelous. Thanks for taking time to read and leave me a comment.


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